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Armthorpe Hedge Cutting Contractors (DN3): Numerous people in Armthorpe have hedges in their garden, and though it is nice to have some greenery to admire rather than just dreary old walls or fences, hedges do need regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. Hedges are also important as habitats for wildlife, so when you are looking at the most suitable options for your property boundary, it is a good idea to remember this. An effectively maintained hedge is a thing of beauty which will give effective service for a number of years, but say you are unwilling or unable to do it yourself? Well, it shouldn't be too difficult to locate Armthorpe hedge cutting professionals who will be happy to handle this for you.

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Getting a nice hedge established in your garden can be costly, and to keep it in good shape it should be effectively maintained. So when it comes to choosing a local Armthorpe hedge cutting professional it is important you find somebody who has the expertise to do the task correctly. They need to be cutting the hedge back at the appropriate time in the year and cutting it in a way that encourages new growth and causes it no harm.

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If the fashioning of your hedges in Armthorpe involves intricate designs like pyramids, spirals, cones, curves, arches or lollipops, bringing in a knowledgeable contractor will be even more important. If you already have a regular gardener doing other jobs on your garden, like weeding and mowing the lawn, they'll generally be happy to cut your hedges at the same time.

The regular cutting of a hedge, when it is performed correctly, helps keep it healthy and strong by both stimulating new growth and reinvigorating the root system. It makes a hedge thicker and better able to resist disease and attacks by pests, so you can enjoy it for years to come. And in addition to doing the job that it is intended for - provide valuable shelter from damaging winds, give you more privacy and form a boundary between your garden and your neighbours, a sturdy and healthy hedge looks prettier and more appealing.

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Hedges which haven't been regularly cut and maintained usually tend to become top heavy and straggly with unsightly holes and a lack of growth and foliage, in particular at the bottom. Your hedge will be neater and more compact and will send out new shoots to fill those unsightly gaps if it is frequently clipped.

If you do not maintain and trim your hedge properly it will start to spread in an outward direction, which won't only take up lots of space in your garden, but will also give rise to leafless clumps of twigs inside the hedge, which will ultimately be revealed with unappealing results when the hedge is eventually clipped. It may then take many years to regain its desired shape (if ever).

You may at this stage be thinking about the sorts of costs involved with hedge trimming in Armthorpe, and the truth is that hedge cutting prices in Armthorpe hinge on several variables including the number of hedges that require trimming, the condition of the hedges, the size of the garden, whether the hedge waste needs to be removed and the height of the hedges.

Hedge cutting is available in in Armthorpe and also in: Barnby Dun, Kirk Sandall, Dunsville, Hatfield Woodhouse, Stainforth, Lindholme, Doncaster, Bessacarr, Rossington, Dunscroft, Arksey, Sandtoft, Old Cantley, Edenthorpe, Branton, and in these postcodes DN3 2HJ, DN2 4SE, DN3 2LD, DN3 2DZ, DN3 2DY, DN3 3BY, DN3 3EE, DN3 2FQ, DN3 3EH, DN3 2HE. Local Armthorpe hedge trimming specialists will probably have the postcode DN3 and the telephone code 01302. Checking this out should ensure you access local providers of hedge trimming. Armthorpe homeowners are able to utilise these and countless other similar services.

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Box Hedges Armthorpe

Not every property owner in Armthorpe wants or needs a massive hedge, and for anybody who is on the lookout for smaller boundaries, borders or edgings, box could well be the perfect species for you. Though box is relatively slow growing, it will form a neat, dense and bushy hedge, and in about ten years will achieve roughly a height of 1m when starting out with plants of 15-20cm. Box (Buxus sempervirens) is perfectly suitable use in both small contemporary gardens and large formal gardens, and the hedging plants can be obtained from specialist garden centres or online suppliers. Box hedges can last for many years, and you can see examples in historic gardens around the UK that date from more than 500 years ago.

In decent quality soil and a good situation, established box plants will grow by around 6" per year, however if they're planted in shaded areas or substandard soil they could easily grow considerably slower than this. Despite all of that, box hedge plants can tolerate acid or alkaline soils, sand or clay, and will readily grow in a wide range of situations. The worst environment for a box hedge is waterlogged or boggy ground, where it will find it difficult to thrive.

Some UK hedging companies can even offer you "instant box hedging", if you're not patient enough to wait several years for one to grow from scratch. You can acquire this hedging as a row of box plants cultivated in 1m troughs, and routinely clipped into the shape of a hedge, which can be installed end to end to form any length of hedge you require, or single plants approximately 25-30 centimetres high, which are already clipped into a rectangular shape and when planted out in a row form an "instant hedge". These can certainly save you years or hard work and effort, and can give an immediate impact. Keeping them tidily pruned will of course be essential as they develop and grow through the years.

Is it Okay to Trim My Neighbour's Hedge in Armthorpe?

This question is interesting with regards to hedges in Armthorpe, and of course, broadly speaking, it will be dependent on whether or not you get on with your neighbour. It is perfectly feasible that when your neighbour is trimming his or her side of the hedge they may offer to trim down your side also. Others could just leave you to look after your own half of the hedge, and won't be quite as obliging. When push comes to shove you're quite within your rights to lop off any roots or branches of a hedge that grow into your property from a public road or a neighbour's garden, and are causing an issue. You must however only cut such intrusive roots and branches back to your property boundary, since in theory, you could be charged for damages if you cut them back further than this point.

Hedge Planting Armthorpe

Hedge Planting Armthorpe South Yorkshire

Whereas some people in Armthorpe are discouraged from planting garden hedges because of the amount of work that is required to maintain them, there isn't any doubt that hedges are much more appealing and generally long lived than traditional wooden fencing for example. The possible alternative of using a stone or brickwork boundary wall would be an expensive solution, and while long lasting, could be unaffordable for most regular Armthorpe homeowners. I think you would pretty much all be in agreement that a hedge forms a feature that is both appealing and efficient, and additionally offers a hiding place for wildlife in your garden, attracting mammals and birds. A good time for putting in a hedgerow is during Autumn, when normally the ground is easy to dig up, rarely waterlogged, and will still be relatively warm due to the hot summer days that went before.

The local Armthorpe hedge planting specialist will advise you of what to plant and when to put it in, however as a broad guide, Autumn is ideal for putting in privet hedges, box hedges, yew hedges and hornbeam hedges. Obviously the sort you decide to grow will depend upon the design of hedge that you're aiming for and exactly what function its going to serve. You may be looking for instant hedging, screening hedging, a natural hedgerow or low hedging. Ask a hedge planting professional in Armthorpe to advise you. (Tags: Hedge Species Armthorpe, Hedge Specialists Armthorpe, Planting Hedges Armthorpe, Hedge Planting Armthorpe)

Bird's Nests in Hedges

Bird's Nests Armthorpe, South Yorkshire

A factor that many homeowners in Armthorpe may not immediately take into consideration when clipping their hedge is birds nesting in them and what the law is in regards to this. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) advises that cutting trees and hedges should not be carried out during the nesting bird breeding season, which happens to be between March and August. This is just the months when the majority of home owners will be hoping to clip their hedges. It has been a punishable offence "to intentionally destroy, damage or take the nest of any wild bird while it is in use or being built", since the introduction of the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act. Subsequently it is advised that you check whether your hedges have any bird's nests prior to cutting them back, so that our cherished wildlife can be conserved.

Privet Hedges in Armthorpe

Privet Hedges Armthorpe (DN3)

The hardy evergreen shrub called privet is one of the most common varieties which is used for hedges in Armthorpe, it grows into medium sized, dense bushes that are perfect this function. A favourite option for a garden hedge, privet forms a dense, compact bush, grows moderately slowly and keeps its leaves all year round. During the growing season, established privet hedges ought to be pruned 2 or 3 times per year to maintain a decent density of foliage and keep a neat shape. Although box and yew hedges are the best for trimming into elaborate shapes, privet remains an acceptable choice for a touch of topiary.

Hedge Removal Armthorpe

It is also better to call in a specialist if you want to get an existing hedge taken out, for instance if you're replacing it with a fence or wall. Aside from the fact that you will need to get rid of all the hedge waste afterwards, you want your hedge to be removed properly and completely, that includes extracting as many of the roots as you can to prevent the hedge simply growing back once again. This job also needs to be done with safety in mind, therefore calling in a professional Armthorpe hedge removal company ought to make certain that this is what happens. One question you need to ask yourself before removing a hedge is "is this actually my hedge"? You may be in deep water if you accidentally remove a neighbour's hedge which you thought was yours. (Tags: Removing Hedges Armthorpe, Hedge Removal Armthorpe, Removal of Hedges Armthorpe)

Types of Hedge Armthorpe

There are many species of shrub and tree which are used to create hedges, and in some instances hedges are composed of several species in which event they are referred to as "mixed hedges". The list of species grows significantly if you were to throw hedgerows into the mix. The kinds of groups used to form hedges includes coniferous, deciduous and evergreen plants, with each classification having a multitude of species. The most common varieties used for hedges in gardens are box, English yew, western red cedar, hornbeam, leylandii, privet, cherry laurel and beech. When you're talking about the plant varieties used in hedgerows you can also include oak, dog rose, field maple, rowan, crab apple, hawthorn, hazel. (Tags: Hedge Varieties Armthorpe, Hedge Types Armthorpe, Hedge Species Armthorpe, Hedging Plants Armthorpe, Hedge Selection Armthorpe)

Hedge Clipping Tools Armthorpe

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If, at the end of the day, you decide not to hire a specialist, and elect to deal with the hedge clipping yourself, you'll have to ensure you have the required tools and equipment. You'll soon damage or harm your hedge if you try to use old or blunt tools for this procedure. If you do choose to bring in the specialists you'll discover that they already have all of the essential equipment and tools to carry out the task, but it's always good to have a few rudimentary tools to hand. The basic garden tools that you will need to attempt hedge cutting by yourself are: extending lopping shears, a sturdy ladder, telescopic shears, a petrol or electric hedge trimmer, leather gloves and pruning secateurs. With such a selection of tools you ought to be able to do your own hedge trimming. (Tags: Hedge Trimmers Armthorpe, Hedge Cutters Armthorpe, Hedge Cutting Tools Armthorpe)

Hedge Cutting Tasks Armthorpe

Hedge Cutting Tasks Armthorpe

Armthorpe hedge cutting contractors can usually help you with tree and hedge lopping Armthorpe, privet hedge planting in Armthorpe, cedar hedge cutting Armthorpe, ficus hedge trimming Armthorpe, evergreen hedge cutting Armthorpe, annual hedge maintenance, hedge re-planting, conifer hedge cutting Armthorpe, hedge design and planning, ivy removal Armthorpe, tall hedge cutting Armthorpe, tree stump removal in Armthorpe, commercial hedge maintenance Armthorpe, overgrown hedge cutting, juniper hedge cutting Armthorpe, laurel hedge cutting in Armthorpe, box hedge cutting and pruning, fancy hedge cutting Armthorpe, flail hedge trimming Armthorpe, home hedge cutting Armthorpe, hedge and shrub removal, hedge clipping removal, agricultural hedge cutting Armthorpe, commercial hedge cutting Armthorpe, evergreen hedge planting, the maintenance of hedges, wisteria pruning and other hedge related tasks in Armthorpe, South Yorkshire.

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Also find: Kirk Sandall hedge cutting, Old Cantley hedge cutting, Doncaster hedge cutting, Dunsville hedge cutting, Stainforth hedge cutting, Edenthorpe hedge cutting, Hatfield Woodhouse hedge cutting, Bessacarr hedge cutting, Rossington hedge cutting, Sandtoft hedge cutting, Arksey hedge cutting, Branton hedge cutting, Dunscroft hedge cutting, Barnby Dun hedge cutting, Lindholme hedge cutting and more. The majority of these villages and towns are served by companies who do hedge cutting. Armthorpe property owners can get quotations by clicking here.

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