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Steyning Hedge Cutting Contractors (BN44): For the health and growth of your hedges, hedge cutting stands as an essential practice in garden maintenance, ensuring the outside space is both tidy and well-cared-for. With an appreciation of hedge maintenance's intricacies and importance, Steyning householders often choose to hire services specialising in professional hedge cutting. Here, the focus will be on delving into the benefits, important considerations, and benefits of hiring professional hedge cutting for this indispensable task.

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Knowledge and expertise in the field is essential when selecting a hedge cutting specialist in Steyning. Cultivating a healthy and attractive hedge often involves a substantial financial investment, and the last thing you want is for it to be compromised by excessive pruning or untimely trimming. An experienced hedge cutter can offer valuable guidance on the optimal techniques and timing for trimming your precious hedge, ensuring that it remains attractive and healthy for years to come. To ensure your hedge's beauty and health, they will assess its unique needs, such as growth patterns, size and species. An experienced hedge specialist can help your hedge flourish as a beautiful natural boundary, protecting your investment at the same time.

Hedge Cutting Steyning BN44

If the trimming of your hedges in Steyning entails fancy shapes and designs like lollipops, cones, spirals, pyramids, arches and curves, using the services of a knowledgeable professional will be even more essential. Virtually all traditional gardeners in Steyning will be able to cut your hedge, and it should be said that in the main this is perfectly okay if you've got a gardener who you can depend on and is proficient at this sort of task.

The trimming of a hedge, when it is executed properly, helps to keep it strong and healthy by both improving the root system and stimulating new growth. It makes a hedge thicker and better suited to resist disease and pest attacks, so that you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. And aside from looking more attractive, a sturdy and vibrant hedge serves its proper role in your garden, or in other words - form an effective dividing line between your garden and your neighbours, provide shelter from sormy weather and give you an enhanced level of privacy.

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When hedges aren't effectively cared for they very quickly become patchy and top heavy, with unsightly holes and a general lack of growth and foliage at the base of the hedge in particular. Your hedge will be neater and more compact and will sprout new shoots to fill those unsightly gaps if it's clipped continually.

If fail to trim and care for your hedge properly it will begin to spread outwards, which will not just take up lots of your garden's space, but will also lead to bare clumps of twigs inside the hedge, that will ultimately be revealed with unpleasant consequences when the hedge is eventually clipped. And if you believe that your tatty hedge is going to recover quickly, you'll want to think again, because it will probably take several years before its looks as it should once more.

The kinds of costs that are involved with having your hedges clipped in Steyning will be determined by various different factors such as whether you need the hedge waste to be disposed of, how high the hedges stand, the number of hedges that require trimming, the condition of the hedges and the size of the garden concerned.

Hedge clipping services are available in Steyning and also in nearby places like: Poynings, Upper Beeding, Woodmancote, Small Dole, Fulking, Ashurst, Botolphs, Wiston, Bramber, Coombs, and in these postcodes BN44 3WX, BN44 3GY, BN44 3BU, BN44 3PB, BN44 3SW, BN44 3LT, BN44 3HE, BN44 3YG, BN44 3YR, and BN44 3RF. Locally based Steyning hedge specialists will probably have the phone code 01903 and the postcode BN44. Verifying this will confirm that you're accessing locally based providers of hedge trimming. Steyning home and business owners will be able to benefit from these and many other garden related services. By clicking on the "Quote" banner you can get hedge trimming quotes from nearby providers.

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Hedge Planting Steyning

Steyning Hedge Planting

Though some householders in Steyning are discouraged from having hedges due to the work load which is necessary to care for them, there is little doubt that hedges are much more eye-catching and long lived than wooden fencing for example. The alternative of putting up a brick wall as a boundary would prove to be a really expensive undertaking, and though long lasting, could be too costly for the average Steyning homeowner. I believe you would pretty much all concur that a hedge creates a feature that's both attractive and functional, and also offers a welcome refuge for wildlife, encouraging nesting birds and small mammals. The perfect time for planting a new hedge is in Autumn, when the soil is generally easy for digging, rarely too wet, and should still be warm from the hot summer's days that have passed.

The local Steyning hedge specialist will be able to explain to you what variety to plant and when to put it in, but as a broad guide, Autumn is perfect for putting in privet, hornbeam, yew and box hedges. Needless to say the type you choose to grow is going to depend upon the style of hedge you've got your mind set on and exactly what purpose it's going to perform. For instance you may want low hedging, screening hedging, a natural hedgerow or instant hedging. Ask a hedge planting expert in Steyning to give you hints and tips. (Tags: Hedge Specialists Steyning, Hedge Planting Steyning, Planting Hedges Steyning, Hedge Species Steyning)

Box Hedging Steyning

Not everybody in Steyning needs or wants a 2 metre high hedge, and for anybody who is looking for edgings, borders or small boundaries, box could well be the ideal choice for you. Whilst box is relatively slow growing, it will form a bushy, thick and neat hedge, and in about 10 yrs will achieve around 1 metre in height when starting out with plants of 15-20 cm. Readily available to buy from online suppliers or specialist garden centres, box (Buxus sempervirens) is perfectly suitable use in both large formal gardens and smaller sized domestic gardens, and can look amazing in either of these settings. In some stately homes and historic gardens you'll find ancient box hedges that are at least 4 or 5 hundred years old, so you can rest assured that if you maintain and care for your hedge it will live, thrive and survive for an incredibly long time.

In decent quality soil and a good location, fully established box plants should grow by about 6" per year, however if they are planted in poor quality soil or in shaded areas they could grow much slower than this. That being said, box hedge plants will grow happily in most situations and can tolerate alkaline or acid soils, and grow well in sand or clay. Box hedges, do however, hate boggy or waterlogged ground, therefore you should try to avoid planting them in locations these types of conditions prevail.

It's possible to obtain "instant box hedging" from some UK suppliers, if you don't have the patience to wait several years for a box hedge to grow. Hedging like this may be available as a row of box plants cultivated in a trough, and clipped into the shape of a hedge as they mature, which can be placed end to end to form whichever length of box hedge you require, or as single plants roughly twenty five to thirty centimetres high, which are already clipped into a uniform shape and when planted in a row form an "instant hedge" for your garden in Steyning. The results from these is instantaneous, and years of hard work and effort can be avoided. Needless to say, you will have to keep them neatly trimmed going forward.

Privet Hedges Steyning

In many gardens all around Steyning, privet hedges are a common sight, known for their thick foliage and tidy appearance. These simple shrubs, though commonly underestimated, deliver a whole host of benefits, thus becoming a preferred selection for householders and landscapers. Listed below are a handful of the multitude of benefits provided by privet hedges:

Privet Hedges Steyning
  1. Low Maintenance: Privet hedges are well-known for their low maintenance requirements. They are reasonably tolerant of different soil types and require minimal pruning to maintain their shape.
  2. Economical Choice: Privet hedges are seen as a more cost-effective option compared to fences and other screening methods. The small amount of materials needed and the low maintenance required position them as an economical choice.
  3. Privacy and Screening: The visual barrier created by the thick foliage of a well-maintained privet hedge provides privacy from passers-by and neighbours. Unattractive parts of your garden can also be effectively screened.
  4. Noise Dampening: The thick foliage offers a natural defence against noise, proving particularly useful for gardens near noisy areas or busy thoroughfares in Steyning.
  5. Habitat for Wildlife: Although privet hedges do not support a wide range of wildlife, they can serve as nesting spots for some birds and provide a valuable food source through their black berries, which, it should be pointed out, are mildly toxic to humans.
  6. Formal or Informal Styles: Privet hedges can be shaped into both traditional, geometric shapes or a more relaxed, informal style, depending on the variety and pruning regime.
  7. Tolerant of Pollution: Well-adapted to tolerate air pollution, privet hedges are good for gardens within built-up environments.
  8. Quick-Growing: If you're looking for a rapid privacy solution, these hedges are an excellent choice. They have a fast growth rate, enabling you to establish a substantial barrier in a relatively short length of time.

For Steyning gardens, privet hedges are a true all-rounder. They provide noise dampening, screening and privacy, requiring minimal effort to maintain.

Bird's Nests in Hedges

Bird's Nests Steyning, West Sussex

A factor that a lot of homeowners in Steyning might not automatically think about when clipping their hedge is birds nesting in them and what the current law is in regards to this. Throughout the bird breeding season, which is between March and August, the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) advises that the clipping back of trees and hedges should not take place. The issue is that those are the months during which a lot of home owners will be wanting to cut their hedges and do all of their garden maintenance. The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) states that it is a punishable offence "to intentionally destroy, take or damage the nest of any wild bird while it is in use or being built". Therefore, to help to conserve our priceless wildlife, please make sure to check your hedges for bird's nests prior to clipping them back. (Tags: Bird's Nests, Nesting Birds, Bird Nests in Hedges)

Hedge Removal

Hedge removal is a critical component in preserving a beautifully maintained garden, and should be performed by a professional. The hedge's type and size will be assessed by a professional gardener to determine the best removal technique for a successful hedge removal. They will use specialised tools and equipment to safely remove the hedge without damaging any surrounding areas. The process includes cutting the hedge into manageable sections, removing the branches and leaves, and grinding down the stump. A hedge removal specialist will also make certain that the removal process is carried out in line with all relevant regulations, including environmental protection and waste disposal.

Over time, a professional hedge removal service proves to be a more cost-effective solution due to their knowledge in removing hedges swiftly and efficiently. A professional will have the necessary insurance to cover any potential damages during the removal, offering Steyning property owners peace of mind.

Finally, having a professional remove a hedge is a critical component in keeping a garden well-groomed. A professional hedge removal service is a cost-effective, secure, and efficient option that gives householders peace of mind.

Hedge Types Steyning

There are numerous varieties of shrub or tree that are used to form hedges, and quite often hedges are made up of multiple species in which event they're referred to as "mixed hedges". If you include hedgerows in the equation then the number of varieties grows exponentially. Evergreen, deciduous and coniferous plants are all employed to build hedges and each one of these classifications has a number of favoured varieties that are great for hedges. The most widespread species that are used for for garden hedges are leylandii, cherry laurel, box, beech, western red cedar, English yew, hornbeam and privet. You can add rowan, field maple, oak, hawthorn, dog rose, hazel, crab apple and many more to this list when you also consider hedgerows. (Tags: Hedging Plants Steyning, Hedge Varieties Steyning, Hedge Species Steyning, Hedge Types Steyning, Hedge Selection Steyning)

Tree Surgery Steyning

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Besides looking after their hedges a great many householders in Steyning also have trees in their garden that demand attention now and again. Some Steyning firms offer both hedge cutting and tree surgery services so it may be a good idea to get the same people to maintain both trees and hedges if that's possible. A genuine tree surgeon will understand the best time and ways to look after your trees correctly, and will have a broader expertise in all the hedge and tree species. Nonetheless, you should expect to pay more for the professional services of a tree surgeon in Steyning, as opposed to those of a hedge cutting contractor or a gardener.

Hedge Trimming Tools Steyning

Hedge Cutting Tools Steyning

You need to be sure that you have all the proper tools for the job if you do choose to cut back your own hedges. Attempting to use blunt old garden tools is not advisable and can ruin you hedge with untidy, messy cuts. Specialist hedge cutting contractors in Steyning will already be kitted out with all the right tools, so if you do decide to call in expert help you won't have to stress about tools, although it is always good to have some to hand. The basic gardening tools that you'll need to do hedge cutting by yourself are: hedging shears, a good quality powered hedge trimmer, a robust ladder, secateurs, extending lopping shears and gloves. With this assortment of tools you should be able to do your own hedges. (Tags: Hedge Trimmers Steyning, Hedge Cutters Steyning, Hedge Trimming Tools Steyning)

Do I Need to Cut My Neighbour's Hedge in Steyning?

Generally speaking this is going to be subject to how friendly you are with your neighbour, but it is a fascinating question. Some neighbours are very generous with regards to hedges and will be happy to cut your side of the hedge whilst they are cutting their's. Other people aren't gonna be quite as supportive and will rely on you to trim your own side of the hedge. When push comes to shove if the branches or roots of a next door neighbour's hedge are creeping into your garden, or even a hedge on a public road, you are legally entitled to cut them off. You should however only chop them back to your property boundary, as theoretically, you could be taken to court for damaging their property if you cut them back more than that.

Hedge Pests and Diseases Steyning

Unfortunately there are many different common pests and diseases which can adversely affect your hedge. Of course different hedge varieties can be afflicted with different diseases but the most common hedging diseases and pests overall in Steyning include spider mites, phytophthora, moth caterpillars, fireblight, powdery mildew, scale insects, honey fungus, vine weevil, aphids and bacterial canker. Issues like staining, leaf shedding and in the worst cases, the actual death of some plants may happen to badly affected hedges. Most of such conditions can easily be controlled by the use of appropriate treatments and care procedures.

Hedge Height Reduction Steyning

In Steyning gardens, hedges can serve a number of purposes. Apart from acting as a natural fence that provides privacy, they play a pivotal role in enhancing the visual appeal of a space, providing habitats for wildlife, and acting as a windbreak. Hedges can grow tall, sometimes uncontrollably, and lose their function and form over time due to lack of regular maintenance. Hedge height reduction becomes significant in this context, dealing with overgrown hedges while retaining their garden utility.

As a part of hedge maintenance, it's especially vital to reduce the height of overgrown or extremely tall hedges. The process involves the careful trimming back of the hedge to bring it to a more desirable and easy-to-manage height. This method not only refines the hedge's aesthetic look but also enables more light to illuminate the lower parts, stimulating fuller and healthier growth. As the process requires precise techniques and can dramatically alter the hedge's form and health, extensive height reductions should be dealt with by hedge cutting specialists.

The significance of hedge height reduction is clear, however it's a procedure that isn't without potential hazards. If not executed with care, it can harm the hedge, leaving it vulnerable to diseases or resulting in its death. Significant reductions in hedge height should ideally be the domain of experts. Proficient in their field, they understand which methods are suitable, when trimming is most beneficial, and how to perform the task without distressing the plant.

Reducing hedge height entails more than simply cutting the top section to reach the required level. This skill demands precision, expertise, and an awareness of the hedge species involved. No two hedge species have the same resilience, growth pattern, or rate. Ignoring these variables when reducing hedge height can damage its health and appearance.

In brief, trimming hedges to reduce their height is a key area of garden care, as it ensures their health and beauty. Despite the illusion of simplicity, the complexities involved demand a careful approach, ideally under the guidance of an experienced professional. This safeguards the hedge's status as a prized component of the garden, blooming in its full beauty. (84573 - Hedge Height Reduction Steyning)

Advice and Guidance

Hedge Trimming Advice

To see the trends on social websites check this out. To follow conversations about hedges visit the Hedge Care Forum, subjects include "Long Reach Hedge Tools", "Hedge Diebacks", "Hedge Trimmer Reviews", "Instant Hedging", "Hedge Cutting Estimates" and "Privet Hedge Planting". To shop for corded hedge trimmers, petrol hedge trimmers, long reach hedge trimmers, Bosch hedge trimmers and cordless hedge trimmers, go look at B&Q. To learn a bit more about top five tips on how to clip hedges head here. By viewing You Tube videos like this it's possible to learn how to cut hedges. You could take a look at the Wikipedia webpage to read info about hedgerow trees, hedge management, hedge species, hedges in the garden, hedge laying, hedgerows, instant hedging, quickset hedges, hedge trimming and hedging regulations.

Steyning hedge cutting contractors will likely help you with tree stump removal, instant hedging, wisteria pruning in Steyning, hedge planning and design, hawthorn hedge cutting Steyning, commercial hedge cutting Steyning, overgrown hedge restoration, maze hedge cutting, agricultural hedge cutting Steyning, conifer hedge cutting, leylandii hedge pruning in Steyning, tree surgery services, juniper hedge cutting, the maintenance of hedges, privet hedge cutting and pruning, quickset hedging Steyning, garden hedge cutting Steyning, wood chipping Steyning, tall hedge cutting Steyning, help with removing a hedge, box hedge cutting, hedge makeovers, hornbeam hedge trimming Steyning, cedar hedge clipping, cedar hedge planting, honeysuckle hedge clipping Steyning, hedge reductions and other hedge related tasks in Steyning, West Sussex. These are just a few of the activities that are undertaken by people specialising in hedge trimming. Steyning contractors will be delighted to keep you abreast of their full range of services.

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Also find: Upper Beeding hedge cutting, Woodmancote hedge cutting, Ashurst hedge cutting, Coombs hedge cutting, Bramber hedge cutting, Wiston hedge cutting, Poynings hedge cutting, Fulking hedge cutting, Small Dole hedge cutting, Botolphs hedge cutting and more. Virtually all of these locations are catered for by hedge cutting specialists and gardeners. By clicking here, local business and home owners can obtain hedge trimming quotes.

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