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Keighley Hedge Cutting Contractors (BD20): One of those jobs that we hate is tidying up those hedges. It is just one of those activities which people put off where possible and then discover that the hedges are so out of control that it is way too much of a challenge. Constant cutting back keeps hedges more compact and neater and enhances the overall look and shape. Additionally, it is easier to achieve if carried out frequently. The truth is of course that some people are not fit enough for doing work like this or do not possess the appropriate tools and equipment to carry out the task proficiently. If this describes your circumstances you'll need to hire specialist assistance in other words a local hedge cutting specialist or gardener. So your hedges are taken care of properly it is important that you engage someone who knows what they are doing.

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If you are thinking about calling in Keighley hedge cutting specialists, be sure you get hold of someone that knows exactly what they're doing. Getting a nice hedge established costs a considerable amount of money and you want to avoid yours being ruined by being cut incorrectly or at the wrong time. A competent hedge cutting contractor will give you guidance concerning the most appropriate time to cut back your hedge and the proper way to complete the task without harming it.

Its possible you might want your hedges clipped into ornate shapes for instance curves or archways in which case it is even more important that you employ a knowledgeable contractor to perform the work. Virtually all traditional gardeners in Keighley will be able to cut your hedges, and it should be stated that most of the time this is perfectly okay when you've got a gardener who you can trust and is proficient at this type of task.

Done the right way, the regular trimming of a hedge makes it healthy and strong, it both strengthens the root system and stimulates new growth making the hedge denser and in a better position to combat diseases and attacks by pests. A strong and healthy hedge looks better and serves its proper function in your garden ie give you increased privacy, provide much needed shelter from damaging gales and form a dividing line between yours and your neighbours garden.

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Hedges that aren't properly maintained and cut are likely to become patchy and top heavy with unsightly holes and a general lack of growth, in particular at the base of the hedge. Regular trimming will keep your hedge compact and enable new shoots to fill those unwelcome gaps.

A hedge that is allowed to grow without cutting back will also spread itself outwards, taking up more room in your garden and producing a significant clump of leafless branches internally that are going to look awful when you do eventually cut it back. It could possibly take many years to regain its optimal shape (if it ever does).

You could be wondering about the costs involved with hedge trimming in Keighley, and the truth is that hedge cutting prices in Keighley are dependent on a number of factors including the size of the property concerned, what condition the hedges are in, the height of the hedges, the number of hedges that require trimming and whether you need the hedge waste to be disposed of.

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When Should You Cut Back Hedges in Keighley: This is often asked by property owners in Keighley and may depend on the age and type of the hedge that you have. A new hedge must be trimmed in the winter or spring for the first couple of years. Once they're established hedges need to be cut back two or three times each year if you intend to retain a nice density and shape (formal hedges). Maintenance hedge trimming is typically undertaken between May and September. Different varieties of hedge need different treatments so if you have any doubts check with a local specialist before you cut back your hedge..

Privet Hedges Keighley: One of the more common varieties of hedge is privet (genus Ligustrum), a flowering evergreen shrub growing into medium sized, dense bushes. Privet is a good variety for hedges because it grows relatively slowly, forms a compact, dense bush and stays green all through the year. Fully established privet hedges should be cut back two or three times each year through the growing season to keep a good density of foliage and maintain a neat shape. You you might even want to try a bit of topiary (cutting into intricate shapes) with privet though box and yew are better varieties for this procedure. (Tags: Privet Hedges Keighley, Privet Keighley, Pruning Privet Hedges Keighley

Tree Surgery Keighley: As well as maintaining their hedges lots of property owners in Keighley also have trees on their property that demand attention now and again. Many Keighley firms provide both hedge cutting and tree surgery services so it might be wise to have the same people look after both where that is feasible. Tree surgeons usually have a wider knowledge of all the hedge and tree species, and will know the best time and ways to prune them correctly. On the reverse side of that, you might find that qualified tree surgeons in Keighley charge more for their expertise than gardeners or hedge cutting contractors, so you will have to make a decision as to what best suits your situation.

Garden Tools KeighleyHedge Cutting Tools Keighley: If you elect to trim your own hedge you must ensure you have got all the correct tools for the job. Attempting to use blunt old garden tools is not advisable and can easily spoil you hedge with messy, unclean cuts. Professional hedge cutting contractors in Keighley will already have all the right tools, so if you do choose to call in expert help you won't need to fret so much about tools. The standard gardening tools that you'll need to do hedge cutting by yourself are: leather gloves, hedge shears, a good powered hedge trimmer, a robust ladder, long reach lopping shears and pruning secateurs. With this assortment of tools you should easily be able to do your own hedge cutting. (Tags: Hedge Tools Keighley, Hedge Trimmers Keighley, Hedge Cutters Keighley)

Hedge Types Keighley: There are many varieties of tree and shrub that are used to grow hedges, and in some instances hedges are made up of more than one species in which case they are referred to as "mixed hedges". If you include hedgerows in the equation then the number of varieties grows significantly. Hedges can be evergreen, coniferous or deciduous and each of these has numerous species which are regularly used for hedges. For garden hedges the most familiar species are hornbeam, western red cedar, privet, leylandii, box, cherry laurel, beech and English yew. When it comes to hedgerows you could add crab apple, rowan, dog rose, oak, hazel, field maple, hawthorn and lot's more. (Tags: Hedge Varieties Keighley, Hedge Types Keighley)

Hedge Planting Keighley: Though certain home owners in Keighley are discouraged from having garden hedges because of the effort that is necessary to keep them cut back, very few people would dispute that a hedge is far more attractive and normally longer lasting than a wooden fence for instance. The alternate choice of constructing a stone or brickwork wall as a boundary would be a really expensive endeavour, and though longer lasting, could turn out to be too expensive for the typical Keighley homeowner. I think you would pretty much all concur that a hedge will provide a boundary that's both eye-catching and practical, and additionally offers a much needed home for wildlife in your garden, particularly small mammals and nesting birds. The perfect time to plant a hedgerow is in the Autumn time, when the ground is typically easy for digging, is still warm due to the long summer days that went before and is not too wet for planting. The local Keighley hedge expert will advise you of what variety to plant and when to plant it, as a rough guideline, Autumn is ideal for planting hornbeam, yew, privet and box hedges. Of course which kind you decide to plant will be dependent on the style of hedge that you are shooting for and just what purpose its going to serve. For instance you might want low hedging, a natural hedgerow, instant hedging or screening hedging. Ask a hedge planting specialist in Keighley to give you tips and advice. (Tags: Hedge Species Keighley, Hedge Planting Keighley, Hedge Specialists Keighley, Planting Hedges Keighley)

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