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Burslem Hedge Cutting Contractors (ST5): Many folks in Burslem have hedges forming their garden boundary, and though it's good to have a little greenery to look at rather than just dreary old brick or wood, hedges do need maintaining properly to keep them in tip top condition. Hedges are also important as wildlife habitats, therefore when you are looking at the preferred alternatives for your property boundary, you might keep this in mind. An effectively maintained hedge is a thing of beauty that should give good service for a good many years, but say you don't have the time to do this yourself? Well, it shouldn't be too difficult to find Burslem hedge cutting experts who will be glad to do this on your behalf.

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An experienced hedge cutting contractor will advise you with regards to the most appropriate time to work on your prized hedge and the proper way to complete the task. Quality hedges cost a considerable amount of money and you don't want yours to be spoilt by being cut improperly or at the wrong time. So if you are serious about calling in Burslem hedge cutting specialists, ensure you get somebody that knows exactly what they are doing.

Its possible you may want your hedges clipped into fancy shapes for instance archways or curves and if so, it's even more important that you choose a seasoned contractor to do the work. Most traditional gardeners in Burslem will be willing to trim your hedge, and it should be said that in the main this is absolutely fine assuming you have a gardener who is trustworthy and is proficient at this type of task.

When done the right way, trimming a hedge makes it healthy and strong, it both improves the root system and encourages new growth making the hedge denser and able to better fight diseases and pest attacks. A healthy, strong hedge looks better and is better able to do the job it's meant to do in your garden ie form a dividing line between yours and your neighbours garden, give you a degree of privacy and provide much needed shelter from sormy weather.

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Hedges that aren't regularly cut and maintained have a tendency to become top heavy and straggly with ugly gaps and a lack of foliage and leaves, particularly at the bottom. Routine trimming will keep your hedges compact and enable fresh new shoots to fill up those unsightly gaps.

A hedge that's allowed to grow unattended will also spread itself outwards, using up more room in your garden and creating a large clump of leafless twigs internally which will look horrendous when you do finally choose to cut it back. It might then take years to regain its original shape (if ever).

You you may now be wondering about the cost of hedge trimming in Burslem, and the truth is that hedge cutting prices in Burslem depend on a few factors including the height of the hedges, whether you need the hedge waste to be disposed of, the size of the property concerned, the current condition of the hedges and the number of hedges that need to be trimmed.

Privet Hedges Burslem: Among the most well loved varieties of hedge is privet (genus Ligustrum), an evergreen shrub growing into medium sized, dense bushes. Privet is a perfect choice for a hedge as it forms a compact, dense bush, grows relatively slowly and keeps its leaves all year round. Properly established privet hedges ought to be pruned two or three times each year through the growing season to keep a nice shape and maintain a decent density of foliage. You could even try a bit of topiary (cutting into intricate shapes) with privet although box and yew are more suitable candidates for this particular process. (Tags: Privet Hedges Burslem, Privet Burslem, Pruning Privet Hedges Burslem

Tree Surgeons Burslem, StaffordshireTree Surgery Burslem: Aside from maintaining their hedges a great many property owners in Burslem also have trees on their property that demand attention from time to time. Several Burslem firms provide both hedge cutting and tree surgery services so it's wise to hire the same people to handle both if that is feasible. Tree surgeons generally have a wider knowledge of all of the tree and hedge varieties, so will understand the best ways and times to maintain them correctly. On the reverse side of that, you may find that qualified tree surgeons in Burslem charge more for their expertise than gardeners or hedge cutting contractors, therefore you will have to make a decision in regards to what fits into your budget. (Tags: Tree Surgeons Burslem, Tree Surgery Burslem)

Hedge Types Burslem: There are lots of varieties of tree or shrub which are typically used to create hedges, and often hedges are composed of multiple species in which case they are known as "mixed hedges". If you throw hedgerows into the mix then the number of plant species grows exponentially. Hedges can be coniferous, evergreen or deciduous and each of these has several species that are regularly used in hedges. For hedges in gardens the most common species are yew, box, cherry laurel, leylandii, beech, privet, hornbeam and western red cedar. When considering hedgerows you could add hawthorn, rowan, field maple, hazel, dog rose, oak, crab apple and many more.

Nesting Birds Burslem: Another detail you have to be aware of when cutting back hedges in Burslem is the current law pertaining to nesting birds. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) advises that cutting hedges and trees should not be carried out during the bird breeding season, which is between March and August. For most people this is exactly the time when they'd be giving some thought to cutting their hedges. The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) actually states that it is a punishable offence "to intentionally take, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while it is in use or being built". So, before cutting your hedges carefully check for any bird's nests that are being used and thus help to preserve our precious wildlife. (Tags: Bird's Nests, Nesting Birds)

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