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Bexhill-on-Sea Hedge Cutting Contractors (TN38 and TN39): Undoubtedly one of those chores that many of us loathe is trimming our hedges. It's one of those assignments that people postpone where possible and ultimately find that the hedges have become so overgrown that cutting them back is too much of a challenge. Constant trimming will keep a hedge denser and neater and will enhance the overall appearance and shape. Additionally, it is more straightforward to accomplish if performed frequently. Naturally many folks aren't fit enough for doing physical work like this or else do not have the proper tools and equipment to do the task effectively. If this is your situation it'll be crucial to call on some professional assistance in the shape of a local gardener or hedge cutting expert. So your hedges will be cared for properly it is critical that you use somebody who is experienced and up to the challenge.

Hedge Cutting Bexhill-on-Sea TN38 and TN39

Establishing a decent hedge in your garden isn't cheap or easy, and in order to keep it in fine fettle it has to be maintained appropriately. Therefore when it comes to locating a local Bexhill-on-Sea hedge cutting specialist it's important you track down somebody who has the expertise to do the job correctly. In other words, cutting back the hedge at the appropriate time in the year and doing it in a manner that causes it no harm and stimulates new growth.

Its possible you may want your hedges trimmed into intricate designs like curves or archways in which case it's even more vital that you get a seasoned contractor to do the task. Many traditional gardeners in Bexhill-on-Sea will offer to trim your hedge, and clearly in many instances this is not a problem if you have a gardener who you can rely on and is proficient at this kind of task.

Done properly, regularly trimming a hedge makes it healthy and strong, it both promotes new growth and strengthens the root system making the hedge thicker and better suited to resist pest attacks and diseases. A strong, healthy hedge looks prettier and serves its proper role in your garden ie provide much needed shelter from bad weather, form a dividing line between your garden and your neighbours and give you an enhanced level of privacy.

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Hedges that are not properly cut and maintained typically become top heavy and patchy with unsightly gaps and a general lack of foliage, especially at the base. Regular trimming will keep your hedge compact and enable new shoots to fill up any unwelcome gaps.

A hedge that is allowed to grow without cutting back will spread outwards, taking over more of your garden space and producing a significant patch of leafless twigs internally that are going to look terrible when you do ultimately cut it back. It could possibly then take several years to regain its original shape (if ever).

You may perhaps be curious about the sorts of costs involved with hedge trimming in Bexhill-on-Sea, and the reality is that hedge cutting prices in Bexhill-on-Sea are dependent on a few factors including the condition of the hedges, the size of the property concerned, whether the hedge waste needs to be taken away, how many hedges need cutting and how high the hedges stand.

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Do I Have to Cut My Neighbour's Hedge in Bexhill-on-Sea: This question is interesting with regards to hedges in Bexhill-on-Sea, and naturally, in the most part, it will depend on what sort of relationship you have with your neighbour. In some instances your neighbour will offer to cut your side of the hedge while they're doing their own side. Certain neighbours might not be quite so thoughtful and simply leave you to maintain your side. In general you are free to cut any roots or branches of a hedge that grow into your property from a neighbour's garden or from a public road. However, you are only able to trim them back as far as the property boundary, or else you could be charged for damages. (Tags: Neighbour Disputes Bexhill-on-Sea, Neighbour's Hedges Bexhill-on-Sea)

Privet Hedges Bexhill-on-Sea: One of the more favoured hedge varieties is privet (genus Ligustrum), an evergreen flowering shrub forming medium sized, dense bushes. Privet is a great choice for a hedge since it forms a dense, compact bush, grows quite slowly and keeps its green colour all through the year. Fully established privet hedges ought to be clipped two or three times a year through the growing season to keep a neat shape and maintain a good density of foliage. You you might even want to try some topiary (trimming into intricate shapes) with privet although box and yew are better varieties for this activity.

Hedge Removal Bexhill-on-Sea: When you have to have a hedge removed altogether it is still best to speak to the experts. Apart from the fact that you will need all the hedge waste disposed of afterwards, you want your hedge to be taken out correctly and completely, that includes taking out as many of the roots as you possibly can to avoid the hedge growing back once again. Jobs like this also need to be done safely, so calling in a professional Bexhill-on-Sea hedge removal service should make certain that this is what occurs. It is extremely important to be certain that the hedge to be removed actually belongs to you. You will be in something of a quandary if you accidentally remove a neighbour's hedge which you thought was yours. (Tags: Hedge Removal Bexhill-on-Sea, Removing Hedges Bexhill-on-Sea)

Hedge Varieties Bexhill-on-Sea: There are numerous species of tree or shrub which are commonly used to form hedges, and often hedges are composed of multiple species in which event they are referred to as "mixed hedges". If you include hedgerows in the equation then the list of plant species grows significantly. Hedges can be coniferous, evergreen or deciduous and each class has numerous species which are widely used for hedges. For hedges in gardens the most common species are western red cedar, beech, privet, leylandii, cherry laurel, box, hornbeam and English yew. When it comes to hedgerows you can also add hawthorn, crab apple, field maple, oak, dog rose, rowan, hazel and more.

Hedge Planting Bexhill-on-Sea: Whereas some home owners in Bexhill-on-Sea are put off having garden hedges due to the work which is necessary to cut them, it's obvious that hedges are more attractive and and long lived than regular wooden fences for instance. The alternate option of constructing a stone or brickwork wall for a boundary is a really expensive solution, and though long lasting, it could prove too costly for the typical Bexhill-on-Sea home owner. I do think you'd all accept that a hedge forms a feature which is equally efficient and appealing, and in addition offers a much needed hiding place for wildlife in your garden, particularly small mammals and nesting birds. The perfect time for planting a new hedgerow is during the Autumn, when the ground is generally painless for digging, will still be warm from the hot summer days that have passed and is not too wet. Your local Bexhill-on-Sea hedge specialist will be able to inform you what you should plant and when to plant it, however as a general guideline, Autumn is great for planting box hedges, privet hedges, yew hedges and hornbeam hedges. Obviously which type you decide to grow is going to depend on the type of hedge you've got your mind set on and what goal it is going to perform. For instance you may want instant hedging, screening hedging, low hedging or a natural hedgerow. Ask a hedge planting specialist in Bexhill-on-Sea to advise you.

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