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Bath Hedge Cutting Contractors (BA1): Loads of folks in Bath have hedges in their garden, and though it's pleasing to have a little greenery rather than simply dull old walls or fences, hedges do need regular maintenance to keep them in tip top condition. Hedges are also crucial for wildlife, therefore when you're looking at the best alternatives for the boundary of your property, you should bear this in mind. A properly maintained hedge is a thing of beauty that should give good service for years to come, but what if you can't spare the time to do it yourself? Well, it should not be hard to find Bath hedge cutting professionals who can do this for you.

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An expert hedge cutting contractor will advise you concerning the perfect time to work on your precious hedge and the best way to manage the task. Getting a nice hedge established costs a lot of money and you don't want yours to be spoilt by being incorrectly cut or done at the wrong time of the year. So if you are thinking about bringing in Bath hedge cutting specialists, make sure you get hold of someone that knows exactly what they're doing.

You may want your hedges clipped into fancy shapes for instance curves or archways and if so, it's even more vital that you bring in an experienced contractor to perform the work. Many traditional gardeners in Bath will obviously be happy to trim your hedge, and it should be stated that in most cases this is perfectly okay when you've got a gardener who is trustworthy and is competent at this kind of task.

Done correctly, trimming a hedge makes it strong and healthy, it both improves the root system and stimulates new growth making the hedge thicker and better able to combat pest attacks and diseases. A strong and healthy hedge looks more attractive and serves its proper function in your garden ie give you increased privacy, provide much needed shelter from damaging winds and form an effective boundary between your garden and your neighbours.

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Hedges which haven't been properly maintained and cut tend to become top heavy and patchy with ugly holes and a general lack of foliage, in particular at the base. Routine trimming will keep your hedge compact and allow new shoots to fill those unsightly gaps.

A hedge that's permitted to grow without attention will also spread outwards, using up more of your garden space and creating a big patch of leafless twigs inside that will look horrendous when you do finally choose to cut it back. It could then take several years to regain its optimal shape (if it ever does).

You may be thinking about the cost of hedge trimming in Bath, and the truth is that hedge cutting prices in Bath hinge on a number of factors including what condition the hedges are in, how high the hedges are, the size of the garden, whether you need the hedge waste to be taken away and how many hedges need to be cut.

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When Should You Cut Back Hedges in Bath: This is often asked by property owners in Bath and may depend on the age and type of the hedge. A newly planted hedge must be trimmed in the winter or spring for the first two years. Once they are properly established hedges should be cut back 2 or 3 times each year if you are to maintain a nice density and shape. Maintenance hedge trimming is usually done between May and September. Different varieties of hedge require different treatments so check out the RHS website before you do any major cutting back of your hedge. (Tags: Hedge Trimming Bath, Hedge Cutting Bath, Cutting Back Hedges Bath).

Privet Hedges Bath: One of the more common varieties of hedge is privet (genus Ligustrum), a flowering evergreen shrub that grows into medium sized, dense bushes. Privet is an ideal plant for a hedge since it forms a compact, dense bush, grows quite slowly and keeps its green colour all through the year. Fully established privet hedges should be cut back 2 or 3 times a year during the growing season to maintain a nice shape and keep a decent density of foliage. You you might even want to try a bit of topiary (clipping into intricate shapes) with privet although box and yew are better candidates for this process. (Tags: Privet Hedges Bath, Privet Bath, Pruning Privet Hedges Bath

Hedge Removal Bath: If you wish to get a hedge removed altogether it is still best to bring in the professionals. Besides the fact that you will need all the hedge waste disposed of afterwards, you want your hedge to be removed correctly and completely, which includes taking out as many of the roots as you possibly can to stop the hedge growing back once again. This job also needs to be completed in a safe manner, therefore calling in a genuine Bath hedge removal service should make sure that this is a reality. It is extremely important to be certain that the hedge to be removed does actually belong to you. You're likely to be in something of a quandary if you accidentally pull out a neighbour's hedge which you thought was yours.

Hedge Types Bath: There are numerous varieties of shrub and tree which are used to create hedges, and sometimes hedges are composed of more than one species in which case they're called "mixed hedges". If you throw hedgerows into the mix then the list of varieties grows exponentially. Hedges can be deciduous, evergreen or coniferous and each grouping has several varieties that are widely used in hedges. For garden hedges the most popular species are privet, hornbeam, leylandii, beech, western red cedar, yew, box and cherry laurel. When it comes to hedgerows you can also add rowan, oak, hazel, field maple, dog rose, crab apple, hawthorn and more. (Tags: Hedge Varieties Bath, Hedge Types Bath)

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A quick look on a local directory for "hedge cutting Bath" produced the following results: M J Self Ltd BA2 3AP, A Man Who Can Ltd BA1 5BD, Bath Garden Design BA2 5PX.

Some Bath streets serviced by Bath hedge cutting specialists: Chapelfield, Bannerdown Road, South View, Avonpark Care Centre, Selbourne Close, Stratton Court, Combe Park, Sandy Lane, Shickle Grove, Stambrook Park, Briars Court, Cumberland Row, Somerset Street, South Street, The Old Maltings, St Michaels Place, Camerton Hill, Catsley Place, Beechwood Road, St Johns Crescent, Stanley Terrace, St Anns Place, Axbridge Road, St James's Place, Ashley Road, Charlton, Duchy Close, Daneacre Road.

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