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Pinxton Hedge Cutting Contractors (NG16): One of those chores that we love to hate is cutting our garden hedges. It's just one of those activities which we put off if at all possible and then discover that the hedges are so overgrown that the process is just too much for us. Constant pruning will keep a hedge neater and stronger and improves the shape and appearance. Additionally it is easier to accomplish when carried out frequently. Certainly some people are not fit enough for doing work like this or else do not have the proper garden tools to do the task efficiently. If this is your situation you will have to hire some specialist assistance in other words a local gardener or hedge cutting specialist. In order for your hedges to be cared for in the right way it is essential that you engage a company that knows what they are up to.

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A skilled hedge cutting contractor will give you guidance and advice about the most suitable time to cut back your hedge and the best way to manage the task without damaging it. Growing a decent hedge can cost a lot of money and you don't want yours to be spoilt by being incorrectly cut or done at the wrong time of the year. So if you are planning on bringing in Pinxton hedge cutting specialists, make sure you get hold of someone who knows exactly what they are up to.

Hedge Cutting Pinxton Derbyshire NG16

Using the services of a trained contractor is going to be even more crucial if you would like your hedges to be cut into ornate shapes like pyramids, cones, spirals, curves, arches or lollipops. Virtually all run of the mill gardeners in Pinxton will offer to cut your hedges, and it should be stated that in the main this is absolutely fine if you've got a gardener who is reliable and is proficient at this kind of task.

When done correctly, the regular trimming of a hedge helps keep it healthy and strong, it both improves the root system and stimulates new growth making the hedge thicker and in a better position to resist disease and pest attacks. And in addition to fulfilling the purpose it was planted for - give you more privacy, provide much needed shelter from sormy weather and form an effective dividing line between yours and your neighbours garden, a sturdy and healthy hedge looks more appealing and attractive.

Hedge Trimming in the Pinxton Area

A hedge can soon become patchy and top heavy when it isn't appropriately maintained, and can develop unsightly holes and a general lack of foliage and growth, particularly on the bottom half. Those gaping holes will quickly be filled with new shoots if it's trimmed repeatedly, and should adopt a far neater and more compact appearance as time goes by.

If fail to trim and care for your hedge regularly it will begin to extend in an outward direction, which won't only take up lots of your garden's space, but will also give rise to bare clumps of twigs on the inside of the hedge, that will ultimately be revealed with unpleasant results when the hedge is finally clipped. It might take years to regain its original shape (if it ever does).

You may perhaps be wondering about the costs involved with hedge trimming in Pinxton, and the truth is that hedge cutting prices in Pinxton are dependent on several things including the number of hedges needing to be trimmed, the height of the hedges, whether you need the hedge waste to be removed, the current condition of the hedges and the size of the garden concerned.

Hedge clipping services are available in Pinxton and also in nearby places like: Hilcote, Kirkby in Ashfield, Shirland, Stanton Hill, Westhouses, Newton, Sutton in Ashfield, Blackwell, Annesley, Stonebroom, and in these postcodes NG16 6NT, NG16 6NN, NG16 6QJ, NG16 6LG, DE55 3AX, NG16 6NQ, NG16 6NR, NG16 6HW, NG16 6PW, NG16 6NS. Local Pinxton hedge specialists will probably have the telephone code 01773 and the postcode NG16. Checking this out can confirm that you access local providers of hedge cutting. Pinxton homeowners can benefit from these and many other comparable services.

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Leylandii Hedge Trimming Pinxton

Leylandii Hedge Trimming Pinxton (01773)

Adding privacy to your garden can be accomplished easily by planting leylandii hedges, but they do require frequent trimming to keep their shape. It's quite possible to clip leylandii hedges yourself, but you could damage, or even kill them, if you do it incorrectly; so why not hire a professional gardener in Pinxton to handle the job for you?

Everyone loves the look of a well tended leylandii hedge, and to accomplish this means trimming and shaping at least three or four times per year. For a wonderful, square and straight sided shape, leylandii hedges their growth kept in check by regular clipping.

For many property owners in Pinxton, one of the main benefits of having a hedge specialist trim their leylandii hedges is that the clean up afterwards is included in the cost. It's surprising how swiftly the cuttings can accumulate even if your leylandii are regularly maintained every few months. By using a skilled specialist in Pinxton, you can sit back and relax, knowing the hard work of keeping your leylandii hedges in in good shape is their responsibility. (Tags: Cutting Leylandii Hedges Pinxton, Leylandii Hedges Pinxton, Leylandii Hedge Trimming Pinxton).

Hedge Cutting Tools Pinxton

Hedge Cutting Tools Pinxton, Derbyshire

If, when push comes to shove, you opt not to bring in an expert, and elect to tackle the hedge trimming yourself, you'll need to ensure you have the necessary equipment and tools. To avoid making your hedge look untidy, you won't want to be using blunt old tools. Any self-respecting Pinxton hedge cutting company will have all the correct tools already, so you won't have to fret so much about tools if you do decide to call on the experts. A rudimentary hedge clipping toolkit will include long reach lopping shears, telescopic hedge shears, gloves, pruning secateurs, ladders and a good powered hedge trimmer. You will be capable of doing your own hedge cutting with a mixture of tools like this.

Box Hedges Pinxton

For edging, borders and smaller boundaries, box is a fantastic plant species to use. Nevertheless, don't expect your fully fledged hedge to emerge instantly, since when starting with 15-20 cm plants, it might take approximately ten years to achieve roughly a height of 1 metre, being rather slow growing, but if regularly trimmed it will create a hedge that is thick, bushy and neat. Perfectly suitable both small domestic gardens and large formal gardens, box (Buxus sempervirens) hedging plants can be bought from garden centres or online. In some historic gardens and stately homes around Great Britain you will see box hedges that are at least 400 or 500 yrs old, so you can be sure that if you care for your hedge it is going to live for an extremely long time.

Box plants will usually grow at a rate of about six inches per year in suitable soil and conditions, once they're fully established, but this growth rate could be significantly lower if they are planted in shaded areas or in low quality soil. That being said, box hedge plants will grow happily in most locations and can tolerate acid or alkaline soils, and grow in sand or clay. Box hedges, do however, hate waterlogged or boggy ground, consequently you should avoid planting them in locations these types of conditions prevail.

Some UK hedging companies can even offer you "instant box hedging", if you have not got the patience to wait years for one to grow from scratch. This style of hedging may be offered as individual plants about 25-30 centimetres in height, which are pre-clipped in a rectangular shape and when planted in a row form an "instant hedge", or as a row of plants grown in a 1m trough, and clipped into the shape of a hedge, which can be placed end to end to form whatever length of box hedge you require. The impact of these is instantaneous, and years of effort can be sidestepped. Through the years as they continue to grow, you will obviously have to keep them neatly pruned to maintain their shape. (Tags: Box Hedge Pinxton, Box Hedges Pinxton, Box Hedging Pinxton).

Bird's Nests in Hedges

Nesting Birds Pinxton, Derbyshire

One thing that most householders in Pinxton may not immediately consider when trimming their hedges is nesting birds and what the current legislation is regarding this. During the nesting bird breeding season, which is between the months of March and August, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) recommend that the clipping back of trees and hedges shouldn't be done. This is exactly the time when most property owners will be looking to clip their hedges. The Wildlife & Countryside Act (1981) actually states that it is an offence "to intentionally destroy, take or damage the nest of any wild bird while it is in use or being built". Consequently it is advised that you thoroughly check your hedges for bird's nests prior to clipping them back, so our priceless wildlife can be conserved.

Should I Cut My Neighbour's Hedge in Pinxton?

The topic of whether or not you ought to trim a next door neighbour's hedge is intriguing and will mostly depend on what sort of relationship you have with your neighbour. In some cases a neighbour may offer to trim your side of the hedge while they're trimming their own side. Some other neighbours may not be quite so accommodating and simply leave you to cut your own side. Generally speaking it is fine for you to cut any hedge roots or branches which grow into your garden from a neighbour's property or from a public road. In law, you're only allowed to cut these branches and roots as far back as your property boundary, otherwise you may be sued for damages, and though it's unlikely to come to this, you need to be aware of this. (Tags: Neighbour Disputes Pinxton, Hedge Disputes Pinxton, Neighbour's Hedges Pinxton)

Privet Hedges in Pinxton

Privet Hedges Pinxton (NG16)

Among the most well known hedge varieties is privet, an evergreen flowering shrub growing into dense, medium sized bushes. Because privet forms a compact, dense bush, grows relatively slowly and remains green all year long, it's fantastic for a garden hedge. Mature privet hedges ought to be trimmed 2 or 3 times per year through the growing season to maintain a nice shape and keep a good density of foliage. Privet can even be fashioned into ornate topiary shapes if that is what you want, although yew and box are typically the best plant varieties for doing this to. (Tags: Pruning Privet Hedges Pinxton, Privet Pinxton, Privet Hedges Pinxton)

Hedge Planting Pinxton

Hedge Planting Pinxton Derbyshire

Although many folks in Pinxton are reluctant to plant garden hedges due to the work load that is required to keep them cut back, it is obvious that hedges are a lot more eye-catching and long lived than timber fencing for example. The alternate option of using a brickwork wall as a boundary would be a costly endeavour, and while more durable, could be unaffordable for the average Pinxton homeowner. I do think you'd pretty much all agree that a hedge forms a boundary that's both eye-catching and functional, and also offers a hiding place for wildlife in your garden, appealing to birds and small mammals. The perfect time for putting in a new hedgerow is during the Autumn time, when usually the ground is effortless to dig up, rarely too wet for planting, and will still be warm from the hot summer's days that have passed.

The local Pinxton hedge specialist will advise you of what you should plant and when it should be put in, but as a rough guideline, Autumn time is ideal for planting out yew, privet, hornbeam and box hedges. Obviously the sort you choose to put in is going to be dependent on the kind of hedge that you are shooting for and exactly what function its going to serve. You may want instant hedging, a natural hedgerow, low hedging or screening hedging. Ask a hedge planting expert in Pinxton to help you.

Tree Surgery Pinxton

Tree Surgery Pinxton, Derbyshire (01773)

Not surprisingly it's not only hedges that a lot of Pinxton householders need assistance with - trees need maintaining too. If it's possible to have the same individual take care of both trees and hedges, that is going to be a big advantage, although many gardeners trim hedges but they won't always tackle trees. A bona fide tree surgeon will know the best ways and times to maintain your trees correctly, and will have a broader understanding of all of the tree and hedge species. The only drawback might be that Pinxton tree surgeons are usually more expensive to hire than gardeners or hedge cutting contractors, so you should be expecting to pay more for their professional services.

Hedge Height Reduction

It's essential to reduce the height of especially overgrown or tall hedges as part of their maintenance. The process involves the careful cutting back of the hedge to bring it to a more easy-to-manage and desirable height. This procedure not only elevates the overall appearance of the hedge but also facilitates greater daylight penetration to the lower parts, leading to healthier and more dense growth. Because major height reductions necessitate exact methods and have a considerable effect on the hedge's form and health, they should be performed by professionals.

The procedure of hedge height reduction, whilst crucial, isn't devoid of potential risks. A wrongly undertaken procedure can bring about damage to the hedge, increasing the risk of disease or death. Experts should be entrusted with significant hedge height reductions. They are equipped with knowledge about the appropriate techniques to adopt, the best times for trimming, and how to avoid causing the plant unnecessary strain. (21973)

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Hedge Trimming Around Pinxton: Homes in Glebe Avenue, Little Breck, Alfreton Road, Lambcroft Road, Plymouth Avenue, Alfred Street, The Brockwell, George Street, Birchen Holme, Sacheverall Avenue, Southfields Avenue, Cedar Grove, Silken Holme, Stormont Close, Maple Drive, Clover Nook Road, Mill Holme, Greensquare Road, Hilltop Road, Long Sleets, Wilson Street, Pool Close, Westland Drive, Paddocks Close, The Oaklands, Hammer Leys, have had hedge cutting accomplished just recently. Hedges were also clipped in these Pinxton area postcodes: NG16 6NT, NG16 6NN, NG16 6QJ, NG16 6LG, DE55 3AX, NG16 6NQ, NG16 6NR, NG16 6HW, NG16 6PW, NG16 6NS. Work was performed in these locations by specialists in hedge trimming. Pinxton property owners received high quality and competent hedge trimming services on every occasion.

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