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Northwich Hedge Cutting Contractors (CW9): One of those jobs that most of us despise is cutting our garden hedges. It is the kind of project which people postpone as long as possible and ultimately see that they have got so overgrown that cutting them back is too much of a challenge. Frequent cutting keeps hedges thicker and neater and enhances the shape and look. It is additionally more straightforward to achieve when performed regularly. The truth is of course that many householders aren't fit enough for doing this type of physical work or else do not possess the appropriate equipment and tools to do the job effectively. If you find yourself in this situation you'll want to hire expert assistance in the shape of a local Northwich gardener or hedge cutting specialist. So your hedges are trimmed correctly it is very important that you engage someone that knows precisely what they are at.

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An experienced hedge cutting contractor will give you guidance regarding the most appropriate time to work on your prized hedge and the best way to get it done without hurting it. Decent hedges cost a considerable amount of money and you want to avoid yours being spoilt by being cut improperly or at the wrong time of the year. So if you are considering calling in Northwich hedge cutting specialists, make sure you get someone who knows exactly what they are up to.

Hedge Cutting Northwich Cheshire CW9

If the clipping of your hedges in Northwich entails elaborate designs like cones, pyramids, arches, curves, lollipops or spirals, using a skilled professional will be even more important. In addition to pulling up weeds and mowing the lawn, most traditional gardeners are going to be quite happy to also look after your hedges, although exceptionally high hedges may require the attention of a tree surgeon with the appropriate equipment.

There are lots of benefits to regularly trimming a hedge including blocking the spread of disease, inducing thicker and fuller growth, encouraging the production of flowers, promoting longer branches, improving its all around health and strengthening root growth. And as well as fulfilling the purpose that it was grown for - provide much needed shelter from damaging gales, form an effective boundary between your garden and your neighbours and give you increased privacy, a sturdy and vibrant hedge looks more appealing and attractive.

Hedge Trimming in Northwich

Hedges that haven't been regularly cut and maintained tend to become straggly and top heavy with ugly holes and a general lack of foliage, especially at the base of the hedge. Your hedge will be neater and more compact and should sprout lots of new shoots to fill up those unsightly gaps if it is frequently cut.

If you do not maintain and trim your hedge constantly it will start to spread in an outward direction, which will not simply occupy a lot of your garden's space, but will also result in leafless clusters of twigs inside the hedge, that will be exposed with unattractive consequences when the hedge is eventually clipped. If you let your hedges to get into this deplorable state they may never grow back again and will certainly take a number of years before they look in good shape once again.

The kinds of costs that are involved with getting your hedges cut in Northwich will be based on various different factors such as whether you need the hedge waste to be disposed of, what condition the hedges are in, the height of the hedges, the size of the property and the number of hedges that require trimming.

Hedge trimming services are available in Northwich and also in nearby places like: Davenham, Leftwich, Marston, Lostock Green, Rudheath, Bostock, Pickmere, Lostock Gralam, Wincham, Anderton, Mere Heath, Higher Wincham, Winnington, and in these postcodes CW8 4DZ, CW8 4BU, CW8 1BW, CW8 1EW, CW8 4DQ, CW8 2XT, CW8 4AL, CW8 4BQ, CW8 1DB, and CW8 1AQ. Local Northwich hedge cutting specialists will likely have the postcode CW9 and the dialling code 01606. Checking this should ensure you are accessing local providers of hedge trimming. Northwich homeowners are able to utilise these and various other similar services. By simply clicking on the "Quote" banner you can obtain hedge cutting price quotes from local providers.

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Tree Surgery Northwich

Tree Surgery Northwich (01606)

A lot of Northwich householders will additionally have trees in their garden that need maintaining along with hedges. Several Northwich companies offer both tree surgery and hedge cutting services so it's best if you hire the same people to handle both hedges and trees if that is possible. In any event, if you'd like your trees to be properly cared for it is wise to employ a bona fide tree surgeon as trained professionals know the best time of the year to deal with your trees and will have a good knowledge of the various shrub and tree varieties. The only negative aspect is that Northwich tree surgeons tend to be more expensive to hire than gardeners or hedge cutting contractors, so you should anticipate paying more for their professional services. (Tags: Tree Care Northwich, Tree Specialists Northwich, Tree Surgeon Northwich, Tree Surgeons Northwich, Tree Surgery Northwich)

Box Hedging Northwich

Not every property owner in Northwich wants or needs a massive hedge, and for anybody who is interested in smaller boundaries, edgings or borders, box could be the ideal species for you. When regularly trimmed, box will form a bushy and neat hedge that will reach a height of one metre over a period of about ten years from 15-20 cm plants. Suited to both large formal gardens and small contemporary gardens, box hedging plants (Buxus sempervirens) are readily available online or from garden centres. Box hedges will thrive and survive for a long time, and you will find examples in historic gardens that date from the 17th century.

When planted in decent soil and conditions, box plants, once fully established, should grow by around 15cm (6 inches) a year, although this rate of growth could be considerably less when grown in a shaded location or in soil of a substandard. In spite of this, there are very few locations that box hedge plants won't flourish in, and they can tolerate acid or alkaline soils, and are happy in either sand or clay. Box hedges, do however, hate waterlogged or boggy soil, so you should try to avoid planting them in locations these types of conditions prevail.

If you are looking for quicker results, and have not got the patience to wait years and years for your hedge to grow from scratch, some suppliers in the UK can even provide you with "instant box hedging". You can purchase such hedging as a row of plants cultivated in a trough, and regularly clipped into the shape of a hedge as they mature, which can be placed end to end to form any length of hedge you require, or individual plants roughly 25-30 centimetres in height, which are already clipped in a rectangular shape and when planted out in a row form your "instant hedge". These will certainly save you years or effort and hard work, and can give an immediate impact. You will naturally have to keep them neatly trimmed as their growth continues. (Tags: Box Hedging Northwich, Box Hedge Northwich, Box Hedges Northwich).

When is the Best Time to Cut Back Hedges in Northwich?

When and how frequently you clip your hedges will be determined by their age and type and it's essential to adhere to the recommendations to avoid damaging them. For the first couple of years a new hedge ought to be trimmed in the winter or spring. Clipping back two or three times per year is the norm with established hedges so as to sustain their shape and thickness. Regular maintenance hedge clipping should be conducted in spring and summer time between May and September. Different treatments are required for specific hedge varieties, therefore before you trim your hedge check with a specialist or check out the RHS webpage for the right advice and guidance.

Privet Hedges Northwich

Privet Hedges Northwich (CW9)

The flowering evergreen shrub known as privet (genus Ligustrum) is one of the most common varieties that's used for hedges in Northwich, it grows into medium sized, dense bushes that lend themselves perfectly to this purpose. Since privet keeps its green colour all year long, grows relatively slowly and forms a thick, compact bush, it is ideal for a garden hedge. Throughout the growing season, well established privet hedges need to be clipped two or three times a year to maintain a neat shape and keep a decent density of foliage. Privet can also easily be cut into elaborate topiary shapes if that is what you want, although box and yew are generally the best varieties for doing this. (Tags: Privet Northwich, Privet Hedges Northwich, Pruning Privet Hedges Northwich)

Hedge Planting Northwich

Hedge Planting Northwich Cheshire

Despite the fact that some home owners in Northwich are put off planting garden hedges because of the work that's required to cut them, there's no doubt that a hedge is much more eye-catching and generally longer lasting than a wooden fence for instance. The possible alternative of constructing a brick boundary wall will be a costly enterprise, and while more durable, it could be too expensive for the typical Northwich householder. I believe we would all concur that a hedge establishes a boundary which is both functional and appealing, and in addition provides a shelter for wildlife in your garden, attracting nesting birds and small mammals. A good time for planting a new hedge is during Autumn, when generally the ground is easy for digging, rarely waterlogged, and will still be warm from the sunny summer's days that went before.

Your local Northwich hedge planting specialist will advise you what to plant and when to put it in, as a general guide, Autumn time is great for putting in box hedges, privet hedges, yew hedges and hornbeam hedges. Needless to say which type you opt to plant will depend upon the design of hedge you've got your mind set on and what function it's going to perform. You might be looking for instant hedging, a natural hedgerow, low hedging or screening hedging. Ask a hedge planting expert in Northwich to help you.

Instant Hedging

Pre-grown plants used to create an immediate visual barrier is known as instant hedging. It provides an effective solution for establishing privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal in both commercial and domestic properties. Containers are used to grow instant hedging plants, making them ready for installation upon arrival at your property. Immediate results, reduced installation time, and minimal maintenance are some of the advantages they have over conventional hedging options.

Instant hedging promotes the growth of native plant species that provide habitats for birds and insects, making it a green solution. For Northwich householders in search of an eye-catching and practical hedging solution, carefully selected plants that possess durability, adaptability, and low maintenance needs are an excellent investment. In addition to their role in providing an attractive boundary, instant hedging plants can also help reduce noise pollution, enhance air quality, and provide shade and shelter to outside spaces. By creating a manicured and well-defined landscape, instant hedging plants can add value to a property. The availability of various species, colours and sizes means instant hedging plants are a customisable solution for home and business owners to meet their particular requirements.

Hedge Pests and Diseases Northwich

Your hedge can be adversely affected by any one of many different pests and diseases. Obviously different problems can arise with all the different varieties of hedges in Northwich, however scale insects, aphids, fireblight, phytophthora, vine weevil, bronze foliage, powdery mildew, honey fungus, moth caterpillars and spider mites are among the most prevalent. Discolouration, the shedding of leaves and even the death of individual plants can occur when hedging is badly affected by these pests. The appropriate treatments and care procedures are usually extremely effective in solving the majority of of these issues. (Tags: Hedge Pests Northwich, Hedging Diseases Northwich, Hedge Diseases Northwich, Hedge Problems Northwich)

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