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Broadstairs Hedge Cutting Contractors (CT10): One of those chores that we usually despise is cutting those garden hedges. It just seems to be one of those activities that home owners put off whenever possible and then find that they have got so out of control that it is too difficult. Regular trimming keeps hedges thicker and neater and improves the look and shape. Additionally it is easier to achieve when carried out on a regular basis. It goes without saying that many folks aren't fit enough for doing this type of physical labour or else don't possess the necessary garden tools to carry out the process successfully. If this describes your circumstances you will want to hire some professional assistance in the form of a local gardener or hedge cutting specialist. So that your hedges are managed in the right way it is important for you to retain an individual who is qualified and up to the challenge.

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An experienced hedge cutting contractor will advise you concerning the perfect time to cut back your hedge and the proper way to manage the task without damaging it. Growing a decent hedge can cost a considerable amount of money and you want to avoid yours being ruined by being improperly cut or done at the wrong time of the year. So if you're planning on calling in Broadstairs hedge cutting specialists, ensure you get hold of someone who knows what they are doing.

Hedge Cutting Broadstairs Kent CT10

Its possible you may want your hedges cut into ornate designs for instance curves or archways and if so, it's even more vital that you bring in a knowledgeable contractor to perform the work. If you already have a regular gardener doing other work on your garden, like mowing the lawn and doing the weeding, they will usually be happy to look after your hedges as well.

The regular cutting of a hedge, when carried out correctly, helps to keep it strong and healthy by both encouraging new growth and building up the root system. It makes a hedge denser and better able to combat disease and pest attacks, so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. And as well as fulfilling the aim it was planted for - form a dividing line between yours and your neighbours garden, provide shelter from bad weather and give you more privacy, a vibrant and sturdy hedge looks better.

Hedge Trimming in the Broadstairs Area

A hedge can quickly become patchy and top heavy when it is not properly cared for, with unsightly holes and a lack of growth, particularly on the lower parts. Those gaping holes will soon be filled with brand new shoots if it is frequently cut, and should develop a far neater visual appearance over time.

A hedge that's permitted to grow without cutting back will spread itself outwards, using up more of your garden space and creating a substantial area of leafless branches inside that will look horrible when you do ultimately cut it back. If you let your hedges to get into such a deplorable state they might never fully recover and will certainly take many years before they look good once again.

Variables like how many hedges need cutting, what condition the hedges are in, the size of the garden concerned, the height of the hedges and whether the hedge waste needs to be removed, will influence the charges for having your hedges trimmed in Broadstairs, for that reason it is difficult to give a ballpark price for this sort of task.

Hedge clipping can be provided in in Broadstairs and also in nearby places like: Birchington, Pegwell Bay, Westwood, St Lawrence, Cliffs End, Manston, Woodchurch, St Peters, Monkton, Cliftonville, Minster, Northdown, Haine, and in these postcodes CT10 1FA, CT10 1JA, CT10 1BJ, CT10 1NB, CT10 1FP, CT10 1HY, CT10 1AQ, CT10 1QS, CT10 1DS, and CT10 1EX. Locally based Broadstairs hedge specialists will probably have the postcode CT10 and the telephone dialling code 01843. Checking this will ensure you're accessing local providers of hedge trimming. Broadstairs property owners can utilise these and lots of other similar services. By simply clicking on the "Quote" banner you can obtain hedge cutting price quotes from providers nearby.

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Tree Surgeons Broadstairs

Tree Surgeons Broadstairs (01843)

Lots of Broadstairs property owners will additionally have trees which need to be maintained as well as hedges. Many Broadstairs firms provide both tree surgery and hedge cutting services so it is better to hire the same people to take care of both if that is feasible. In any case, if you want your trees to be properly cared for it is sensible to employ a genuine tree surgeon as qualified professionals understand the ideal time of the year to cut back your trees and will have a detailed knowledge of the many tree species. Nevertheless, you should anticipate paying more for the expert services of a tree surgeon in Broadstairs, as opposed to those of a hedge cutting contractor or a run-of-the-mill gardener. (Tags: Tree Surgeon Broadstairs, Tree Specialists Broadstairs, Tree Surgeons Broadstairs, Tree Surgery Broadstairs, Tree Care Broadstairs)

Hedge Planting Broadstairs

Broadstairs Hedge Planting

Despite the fact that some folks in Broadstairs are put off having hedges because of the work load which is needed to trim them, there is little doubt that a hedge is much more attractive and generally longer lasting than a wood fence for example. The alternate choice of a brick boundary wall would be a really expensive endeavour, and while long lasting, could prove too expensive for the average Broadstairs homeowner. I presume we'd all concur that a hedge will form a feature that is both functional and appealing, and additionally provides a welcome hiding place for wildlife, encouraging small mammals and nesting birds. The perfect time for planting a hedgerow is during Autumn time, when usually the soil is painless for digging, not too wet for planting, and should still be relatively warm due to the long summertime days that went before.

The local Broadstairs hedge specialist will advise you of what to plant and when to plant it, however as a general guide, Autumn is perfect for putting in box hedges, hornbeam hedges, yew hedges and privet hedges. Of course the kind you decide to grow is going to depend on the type of hedge that you're aiming for and just what purpose its going to serve. For instance you might want low hedging, a natural hedgerow, screening hedging or instant hedging. Ask a hedge planting expert in Broadstairs to give you tips and advice. You can also get hedge planting done in Northdown, Minster, Westwood, Manston, St Lawrence, Cliffs End, Cliftonville, St Peters, Pegwell Bay, Monkton, Haine, Birchington, Woodchurch, and in Broadstairs itself. (Tags: Hedge Planting Broadstairs, Planting Hedges Broadstairs, Hedge Species Broadstairs, Hedge Specialists Broadstairs)

Hedge Trimming Tools Broadstairs

Garden Tools Broadstairs

If you make the decision to clip your own hedges you must be sure you have all the correct tools to do the job. In order to avoid making a mess of your hedges, you will not want to be using old, blunt tools. If you do elect to call on the pros you'll discover that they already have all the essential equipment and tools to carry out the task, however it's always advantageous to have a few rudimentary hedge cutting tools in your shed. The basic garden tools which are needed to do hedge cutting yourself are: a petrol or electric hedge trimmer, leather gloves, a ladder, hedge shears, long reach lopping shears and secateurs. You will be able to do your own hedge trimming with a mixture of tools such as this. (Tags: Hedge Trimming Tools Broadstairs, Hedge Cutters Broadstairs, Hedge Trimmers Broadstairs)

Box Hedging Broadstairs

Box is a terrific species to use for hedges, especially for borders, edging and small boundaries. When regularly trimmed, box will develop into a bushy, neat hedge which should grow to a height of 1 metre over a period of around 10 yrs when starting with 15-20 centimetre plants. Box (Buxus sempervirens) hedging plants can be obtained online or from garden centres, and are suitable for both smaller domestic gardens and large formal gardens. In some stately homes and historic gardens around the United Kingdom you'll see box hedges that are at least four or five hundred years old, so you can be assured that if you maintain and care for your hedge it will last for an incredibly long time.

When planted in suitable soil, box plants, once fully established, will grow at a rate of around 15cm (6 inches) each year, however this growth rate might be substantially lower when grown in a shaded area or in soil of a substandard. Nevertheless, there are relatively few locations that box hedges will not grow in, and they can tolerate acid or alkaline soils, and are happy in both sand or clay. Box hedges, do however, dislike boggy or waterlogged soil, therefore you should avoid planting them where these types of conditions exist.

You can even get "instant box hedging" from some suppliers in the UK, if you have not got the patience to wait years and years for a box hedge to grow. You can acquire such hedging as a row of plants cultivated in 1 metre troughs, and regularly pruned into the shape of a hedge as they mature, which can be installed end to end to form whichever length of hedge you require, or as single plants about 25-30 centimetres high, which are already clipped in a rectangular shape and when planted out in a row form an "instant hedge". The impact of these is instantaneous, and several years of effort can be sidestepped. As they develop and grow in the years ahead, you will of course need to keep them tidily clipped. (Tags: Box Hedge Broadstairs, Box Hedges Broadstairs, Box Hedging Broadstairs).

Hedge Removal

Professional hedge removal is an essential aspect in maintaining a garden that is immaculately groomed. To ensure proper removal, a professional service provider will examine the hedge's type and size and select the most effective removal method. They will use specialised tools and equipment to safely remove the hedge without damaging any surrounding areas. The removal process involves dividing the hedge into manageable portions, removing the branches and leaves, and reducing the stump to ground level. Adherence to regulations regarding waste disposal and environmental protection will also be ensured by a professional gardener during the removal process.

Utilizing the services of a professional for hedge removal is frequently a more cost-effective solution over time, as they have the skills to remove the hedge quickly and with precision. Additionally, a hedge removal specialist will have the right insurance to cover any damages that might occur during the removal process.

In the end, it is crucial to have a professional remove the hedge in order to maintain a well-manicured garden. A professional hedge removal is a cost-effective, safe, and efficient solution that offers property owners reassurance.

Bird's Nests in Hedges

Bird's Nests Broadstairs, Kent

If you haven't thought of this already, then you must consider the current law regarding nesting birds before you press ahead and trim back your hedge. The RSPB suggests that between the months of March and August, which is the bird breeding season, all extensive trimming back of hedges and trees should be avoided. This is precisely the time when most home owners would be wanting to clip back their hedges. The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) actually states that it's an offence "to intentionally damage, take or destroy the nest of any wild bird while it is in use or being built". Accordingly it's suggested that you thoroughly check whether your hedges have any bird's nests prior to trimming them back, so that our priceless wildlife can be protected.

Hedge Cutting Tasks Broadstairs

Hedge Cutting Tasks Broadstairs

Broadstairs hedge cutting contractors can usually help with laurel hedge cutting in Broadstairs, instant hedging in Broadstairs, estimates for hedge cutting Broadstairs, hedge waste recycling, ivy removal, hedge lowering, help with removing a hedge, wood chipping, conifer hedge cutting, tall hedge cutting Broadstairs, overgrown hedge cutting, agricultural hedge cutting Broadstairs, honeysuckle hedge cutting, maze hedge cutting Broadstairs, box hedge cutting in Broadstairs, domestic hedge maintenance, hawthorn hedge cutting Broadstairs, regular hedge maintenance in Broadstairs, flail hedge cutting, commercial hedge cutting Broadstairs, home hedge cutting Broadstairs, domestic hedge cutting Broadstairs, lilac hedge planting, quickset hedging, privet hedge planting, hedge reductions in Broadstairs and other hedge related tasks in Broadstairs, Kent.

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