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South Woodham Ferrers Hedge Cutting Contractors (CM3): Just one of those chores that most of us hate is cutting back those garden hedges. It is simply the type of undertaking which householders delay as long as possible and ultimately come to the conclusion that the hedges have got so overgrown that the procedure is too difficult. Continual cutting keeps a hedge stronger and neater and will improve the shape and look. Additionally it is more straightforward to achieve when taken care of on a regular basis. Obviously many of us aren't fit enough to do this kind of physical work or else don't have the proper tools and equipment to carry out the process proficiently. If this is the case you will want to hire some expert assistance in other words a local gardener or hedge cutting specialist. So that your hedges will be cared for properly it is vital for you to employ somebody that is capable and up to the task.

Hedge Cutting South Woodham Ferrers Essex CM3

If you are planning on bringing in South Woodham Ferrers hedge cutting specialists, be sure you get hold of somebody who knows exactly what they're up to. Growing a decent hedge can cost a lot of money and you don't want yours spoiled by being cut too agressively or at the wrong time. A skilled hedge cutting contractor will give you guidance and advice concerning the perfect time to trim your hedge and the proper way to manage the task.

You might want your hedges cut into fancy shapes for instance curves or archways in which case it's even more important that you hire a trained contractor to complete the task. Most gardeners in South Woodham Ferrers will obviously be happy to trim your hedge, and it should be said that in many instances this is perfectly okay if you've got a gardener who is trustworthy and is skilled at this type of task.

Done properly, the regular trimming of a hedge helps keep it strong and healthy, it both promotes new growth and strengthens the root system making the hedge denser and better able to combat disease and attacks by pests. A strong, healthy hedge looks more attractive and serves its proper purpose in your garden ie give you more privacy, provide valuable shelter from strong winds and form a boundary between your garden and your neighbours.

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Hedges that haven't been regularly cut and maintained tend to become top heavy and straggly with unsightly holes and a lack of foliage, in particular at the base of the hedge. Repeated trimming will keep your hedge compact and allow fresh shoots to fill up any unwelcome gaps.

A hedge that is allowed to grow without attention will spread itself outwards, taking up more room in your garden and creating a substantial area of leafless twigs inside which are going to look horrendous when you do finally cut it back. It may then take many years to regain its original shape (if ever).

You might be thinking about the costs involved with hedge trimming in South Woodham Ferrers, and the reality is that hedge cutting prices in South Woodham Ferrers hinge on a few things including whether you need the hedge waste to be removed, how high the hedges are, the condition of the hedges, the size of the property and how many hedges need trimming.

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Do I Have to Cut My Neighbour's Hedge in South Woodham Ferrers: This is quite an interesting question regarding hedges in South Woodham Ferrers, and naturally, to a degree, it will be dependent on just how you get on with your neighbours. In some cases a neighbour may offer to come and cut your side of the hedge while they're doing their own. Other neighbours will likely not be so accommodating and just leave you to do your side. In general you're allowed to cut any hedge branches or roots that grow into your garden from a neighbour's property or from a public road. However, you can only chop them back as far as the property boundary, if you cut more you could be taken to court for damages. (Tags: Neighbour's Hedges South Woodham Ferrers, Neighbour Disputes South Woodham Ferrers)

Privet Hedges South Woodham Ferrers: One of the more well known varieties of hedge is privet, an evergreen flowering shrub forming dense, medium sized bushes. Privet is an ideal variety for hedges as it forms a dense, compact bush, stays green all year long and grows fairly slowly. Established privet hedges ought to be pruned two or three times a year during the growing season to maintain a good density of foliage and keep a nice shape. You could even try some topiary (cutting into fancy shapes) with privet though box and yew are better varieties for this process. (Tags: Privet Hedges South Woodham Ferrers, Privet South Woodham Ferrers, Pruning Privet Hedges South Woodham Ferrers

Hedge Removal South Woodham Ferrers: When you have to have a hedge removed altogether in South Woodham Ferrers, it is still advisable to speak to the specialists. Besides the fact that you will need all the hedge waste disposed of afterwards, you want your hedge to be taken out correctly and entirely, that includes taking out as much of the root system as you possibly can to avoid the hedge growing back in the future. This job also needs to be completed safely, therefore bringing in a genuine South Woodham Ferrers hedge removal company ought to make certain that this is a reality. It is important to be certain that the hedge does actually belong to you. You could land yourself in trouble if you accidentally remove a neighbour's hedge which you thought was yours. (Tags: Hedge Removal South Woodham Ferrers)

Hedge Planting in South Woodham FerrersHedge Planting South Woodham Ferrers: Whereas certain householders in South Woodham Ferrers are discouraged from planting hedges due to the effort that is needed to keep them cut, few people would argue that hedges are way more attractive and generally long lived than timber fencing for example. The alternative of a brickwork boundary wall is a really expensive endeavour, and though longer lasting, could prove too costly for most average South Woodham Ferrers householders. I'm sure we'd all agree that a hedge will create a feature which is equally appealing and efficient, and provides a good haven for wildlife in your garden, especially small mammals and nesting birds. The best time for putting in a new hedge is Autumn, when the ground is normally simple to dig, rarely too wet for planting, and will still be warm due to the sunny summertime days that have recently passed. The local South Woodham Ferrers hedge planting specialist will inform you what you should plant and when to put it in, but as a general guideline, Autumn time is great for planting out privet hedges, yew hedges, hornbeam hedges and box hedges. Naturally the type you choose to put in will depend on the type of hedge you are shooting for and exactly what purpose it is likely to perform. For instance you might be looking for low hedging, a natural hedgerow, instant hedging or screening hedging. Ask a hedge planting specialist in South Woodham Ferrers to help you.

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