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Knaresborough Hedge Cutting Contractors (HG5): Numerous folks in Knaresborough have hedges forming their garden boundary, and though it's pleasant to have a little greenery to admire rather than dull old wood or brick, hedges do need regular maintenance to keep them looking at their best. Hedges are also beneficial as habitats for wildlife, therefore when you are contemplating the preferred alternatives for the boundary of your property, you should also keep this in mind. A nicely maintained hedge is a beautiful thing that will give good service for years to come, but what if you are unable to tackle this yourself? Well, it should not be difficult to find Knaresborough hedge cutting specialists who will be willing to handle this for you.

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If you are serious about calling in Knaresborough hedge cutting specialists, ensure you get someone who knows exactly what they are up to. Decent hedges cost a considerable amount of money and you don't want yours spoilt by being cut improperly or at the wrong time. A skilled hedge cutting contractor will give you advice and guidance regarding the perfect time to trim your hedge and the proper way to manage the task without damaging it.

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You may want your hedges trimmed into fancy shapes such as curves or archways in which case it is even more important that you hire a seasoned contractor to perform the work. Many standard gardeners in Knaresborough will be willing to cut your hedge, and clearly in most instances this is fine if you have a gardener who you can trust and is competent at this type of task.

There are lots of benefits to be gained from routinely trimming hedges for example boosting its all around health, stimulating longer shoots, preventing disease, boosting root growth, encouraging the production of flowers and inducing thicker and fuller growth. A strong, healthy hedge looks better and is better able to do the job it's meant to do in your garden ie give you an enhanced level of privacy, provide shelter from damaging gales and form an effective boundary between yours and your neighbours garden.

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Hedges that haven't been routinely cut and maintained have a tendency to become top heavy and straggly with unsightly holes and a general lack of growth and foliage, particularly at the bottom of the hedge. Regular trimming will keep your hedges compact and enable fresh shoots to fill those unsightly gaps.

A hedge that's permitted to grow without attention will also spread outwards, taking over more space in your garden and creating a substantial clump of leafless twigs on the inside which will look shocking when you do ultimately decide to cut it back. If you let your hedges to get into this state they might never recover and will certainly take a number of years before they look good once again.

The sorts of costs which are involved with getting your hedge trimmed in Knaresborough will be based on a variety of factors such as how high the hedges are, the number of hedges that need to be trimmed, the current condition of the hedges, the size of the garden concerned and whether the hedge waste needs to be taken away.

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Privet (Ligustrum) is one of the most common plant varieties that is used for the creation of hedges in Knaresborough (or in fact anywhere else in the United Kingdom). Privet is a hardy evergreen shrub that grows into a medium sized, dense bush which is readily trimmed and sculpted. An ideal choice for a garden hedge, privet forms a compact, dense bush, stays green all year long and grows reasonably slowly. To keep a nice shape and maintain a good density of foliage, fully established privet hedges should be cut back two or three times annually through the growing season. You may even try a little bit of topiary (trimming into intricate shapes) with privet although box and yew are more suitable candidates for this technique.

Tree Surgery Knaresborough

Tree Surgery Knaresborough

As well as maintaining their hedges many householders in Knaresborough also have trees that require attention now and again. Some Knaresborough firms offer both hedge cutting and tree surgery services so it's smart to employ the same people to look after both hedges and trees where that is possible. A bona fide tree surgeon will know the best ways and times to maintain them correctly, and have a wider expertise in all the tree and hedge varieties. However, you should expect to pay a good deal more for the expertise of a tree surgeon in Knaresborough, when compared with those of a gardener or hedge cutting contractor.

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If you're maybe replacing a hedge with a wall or fence for instance you might have to get your existing hedge taken out, in which case using a specialist makes sense. You'll want your hedge to be removed properly and completely, including taking out as much of the root system as possible to avoid the hedge from simply growing back again. You'll also need all of the hedge waste materials to be disposed of responsibly. Tasks like this also need to be completed safely, so calling in a professional Knaresborough hedge removal service should make sure that this is what occurs. Before you do away with a hedge it's essential for you to ensure that the hedge does actually belong to you, and not to your next door neighbour or the local council. You're likely to be in something of a quandary if you remove a neighbour's hedge by accident. (Tags: Hedge Removal Knaresborough, Removal of Hedges Knaresborough, Removing Hedges Knaresborough)

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You need to make certain you have got all the right tools to do the job if you do choose to clip your own hedges. If you want to avoid making your hedge look a mess, you won't want to be using blunt old tools. Specialist hedge cutting contractors in Knaresborough will have all the necessary tools already, so if you do decide to hire expert help you will not need to fret about tools. A basic hedge maintenance tool kit should include leather gloves, a petrol or electric hedge trimmer, pruning secateurs, hedging shears, ladders and long reach lopping shears. With such a selection of tools you ought to be capable of doing your own hedge cutting.

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Hedge Planting in Knaresborough

While certain folks in Knaresborough are discouraged from planting hedges due to the effort that's required to keep them cut back, there is little doubt that hedges are way more eye-catching and longer lasting than regular wooden fences for instance. The alternate choice of constructing a brick boundary wall will prove to be an expensive enterprise, and while more durable, could turn out to be too costly for most average Knaresborough homeowners. I'm sure you'd almost all agree that a hedge provides a boundary which is equally attractive and efficient, and provides a decent hiding place for wildlife, encouraging nesting birds and small mammals. The perfect time to plant a hedgerow is during the Autumn time, when the ground is generally simple for digging, rarely waterlogged, and should still be warm from the sunny summer's days that have just passed.

Your local Knaresborough hedge planting specialist will advise you of what you should plant and when it should be put in, as a rough guide, Autumn time is great for planting out yew, box, hornbeam and privet hedges. Obviously which sort you opt to put in will depend upon the type of hedge you're aiming for and exactly what purpose its likely to perform. You may be looking for a natural hedgerow, instant hedging, low hedging or screening hedging. Ask a hedge planting expert in Knaresborough to help you. (Tags: Hedge Species Knaresborough, Hedge Planting Knaresborough, Planting Hedges Knaresborough, Hedge Specialists Knaresborough)

Hedge Diseases Knaresborough

Your hedge can be adversely affected by any of a fair few diseases and pests. Needless to say different hedge species can be affected by different issues however the most prevalent hedging pests and diseases overall in Knaresborough include powdery mildew, winter moth caterpillars, vine weevil, scale insects, aphids, phytophthora, bacterial canker, fireblight, honey fungus and spider mites. Conditions like the shedding of leaves, staining and in the worse case scenario, the death of some plants could happen to severely infected hedges. It's relatively easy to solve the majority of of these disorders through the sensible use of the appropriate treatments and care procedures, applied at the right time.

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See how to cut a hedge level on You Tube here. To buy electric hedge trimmers, petrol hedge trimmers, Ryobi hedge trimmers, long reach hedge trimmers and cordless hedge trimmers, and various other hedge trimmer accessories click here. To find out what's happening on social media check this out. To see what is going on in the realm of hedges visit the Hedge Care Forum, topics discussed include things like "Instant Hedging", "Hedge Cutting Prices", "Hedge Diebacks", "Hedge Trimmer Reviews", "Long Reach Hedge Tools" and "Re-Planting Conifers". The dedicated Wikipedia "hedge" page is the place to go to for facts on hedging regulations, hedge trimming, instant hedges, hedges in gardening, coppicing, hedgerow trees, hedgelaying, hedge management, quickset hedging and hedgerows. To learn a bit more about looking after your garden hedge check this out.

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