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Faversham Hedge Cutting Contractors (ME13): If you've got hedges in your garden in Faversham you should keep them trimmed. Assuming you've got enough time and the necessary tools to do it, it isn't difficult to cut your own hedges and keep them looking in great shape. However, lots of home owners in Faversham simply don't have enough time for this kind of routine maintenance or else are not fit enough or capable of doing such tasks. It's at times like this when it may be preferable to contact the professionals.

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Getting a nice hedge established in your garden isn't cheap, and to keep it looking great it must be appropriately maintained. So when it comes to hiring a local Faversham hedge cutting contractor it is important to select somebody who's got the knowledge to do the task correctly. They need to be cutting the hedge back at the correct time in the year and doing it in a manner that causes it no harm and encourages new shoots.

Hedge Cutting Faversham Kent ME13

If the fashioning of your hedges in Faversham involves elaborate designs such as cones, pyramids, lollipops, spirals, curves or arches, calling in a trained contractor will be even more important. Most traditional gardeners in Faversham will offer to cut your hedges, and it should be said that in many instances this is perfectly okay if you have a gardener who you can rely on and is competent at this type of task.

When done correctly, regularly trimming a hedge helps to keep it strong and healthy, it both improves the root system and promotes new growth making the hedge denser and in a better position to fight pest attacks and diseases. And aside from looking more appealing and attractive, a sturdy and healthy hedge is better able to do the job it's designed to do in your garden, or in other words - form an effective boundary between your garden and your neighbours, give you more privacy and provide much needed shelter from windy weather.

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Hedges that haven't been properly maintained and cut have a tendency to become straggly and top heavy with ugly gaps and a general lack of leaves, particularly at the base of the hedge. Those gaping holes will soon be filled up with brand new shoots if it's cut continually, and should develop a much neater appearance as time goes by.

A hedge that's allowed to grow unattended will ultimately spread outwards, filling up more of your garden space and producing a significant area of leafless twigs inside which will look dreadful when you do finally choose to cut it back. If you let your hedges to get into such a deplorable state they might never fully recover and will undoubtedly take many years before they look good once more.

You could at this stage be thinking about the cost of hedge trimming in Faversham, and the reality is that hedge cutting prices in Faversham are dependent on several variables including whether you need the hedge waste to be disposed of, the size of the property, the condition of the hedges, how many hedges need cutting and the height of the hedges.

Hedge Cutting Quotes Faversham

When Should I Trim Hedges in Faversham?

This can depend on the type and age of the hedge, and is a question that is frequently asked by householders in Faversham. For the first two or three years a newly planted hedge ought to be pruned during the winter or spring. Once they're established hedges need to be cut back two or three times per year if you want to maintain a nice density and shape (formal hedges). Maintenance hedge trimming is generally done between spring and summer. Different processes are required for specific varieties of hedge, therefore before you do any serious cutting back on your hedges check with a specialist or head over to the RHS website for the correct advice and guidance.

Hedge Cutting Tools Faversham

Hedge Cutting Tools Faversham

If, when push comes to shove, you opt not to employ a professional, and elect to do the hedge clipping yourself, you'll need to make certain that you've got the right equipment and tools. Attempting to use old worn tools is a mistake and can easily harm you hedge with messy, unclean cuts. If you do choose to bring in the professionals you will discover that they already have all the necessary tools and equipment to undertake the task, however it's always good to have a few basic tools to hand. The essential gardening tools which are needed to attempt hedge cutting yourself are: a sturdy ladder, gloves, hedge shears, extending lopping shears, pruning secateurs and a decent powered hedge trimmer. With this assortment of tools you should easily be able to do your own hedges. (Tags: Hedge Trimmers Faversham, Hedge Cutters Faversham, Hedge Trimming Tools Faversham)

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There are lots of species of tree or shrub which are typically used to grow hedges, and in some instances hedges are comprised of several species in which case they're called "mixed hedges". The number of species grows dramatically if you throw hedgerows into the mix. Hedges can be coniferous, deciduous or evergreen and each grouping has several varieties that are frequently used in hedges. Generally speaking beech, hornbeam, box, leylandii, English yew, western red cedar, cherry laurel and privet are the most widespread varieties used for hedges in gardens. You are able to add crab apple, field maple, hawthorn, hazel, oak, rowan, dog rose and more to this list if you also consider hedgerows. (Tags: Hedging Plants Faversham, Hedge Species Faversham, Hedge Selection Faversham, Hedge Types Faversham, Hedge Varieties Faversham)

Bird's Nests in Hedges

Bird's Nests Faversham

One important detail you ought to be mindful of whenever you are cutting back hedges in Faversham is the current legislation with regards to nesting birds. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) suggests that between March and August, which is the nesting bird breeding season, any extensive trimming of hedges and trees should be curtailed. For most people this would be precisely the period when they'd be cutting back their hedges. The Wildlife & Countryside Act (1981) actually states that it is a punishable offence "to intentionally take, destroy or damage the nest of any wild bird while it is in use or being built". Consequently it's suggested that you carefully check your hedges for bird's nests before you start cutting them back, so that our prized wildlife can be preserved.

Hedging Diseases Faversham

Unfortunately there are quite a few common pests and diseases that could adversely affect your hedges. Not surprisingly different hedge varieties will be afflicted with different diseases however the most commonplace hedging diseases and pests overall in Faversham include winter moth caterpillars, vine weevil, aphids, spider mites, phytophthora, fireblight, honey fungus, powdery mildew, scale insects and bacterial canker. Issues like dieback, discolouration, leaf shedding and in the worst case scenario, the actual death of some plants can happen to badly infected hedges. The correct care procedures and treatments are generally very effective in solving most of these conditions. (Tags: Hedge Pests Faversham, Hedge Diseases Faversham, Hedging Diseases Faversham, Hedge Problems Faversham)

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