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Bideford Hedge Cutting Contractors (EX39): Just one of those chores that most of us detest is maintaining our garden hedges. It's just the sort of undertaking which home owners postpone if at all possible only to see that the hedges are so out of control that it is much too difficult. Regular cutting back keeps hedges neater and thicker and improves the overall shape and look. It is also far simpler to accomplish if performed frequently. The sad fact is that some people are not fit or able enough to do this type of work or do not have the necessary equipment and tools to carry out the process proficiently. If this is your situation it will likely be critical to call on specialist assistance in the form of a local Bideford gardener or hedge cutting expert. In order for your hedges to be taken care of properly it's vital for you to employ somebody who is up to the task.

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If you are considering bringing in Bideford hedge cutting specialists, be sure you get someone who knows what they're up to. Growing a hedge costs a considerable amount of money and you don't want yours to be ruined by being improperly cut or done at the wrong time of the year. An experienced hedge cutting contractor will advise you with regards to the perfect time to trim your precious hedge and the best way to get the job done.

You might want your hedges clipped into intricate shapes like curves or archways and if so, it's even more important that you hire a competent contractor to perform the task. Most traditional gardeners in Bideford will naturally be happy to trim your hedge, and clearly in most instances this is fine assuming you have a gardener who you can trust and is competent at this kind of task.

When done correctly, regularly trimming a hedge helps to keep it strong and healthy, it both strengthens the root system and stimulates new growth making the hedge denser and in a better position to resist diseases and attacks by pests. A strong and healthy hedge looks prettier and serves its proper purpose in your garden ie give you more privacy, form an effective boundary between yours and your neighbours garden and provide valuable shelter from sormy weather.

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Hedges which are not regularly maintained and cut tend to become straggly and top heavy with unsightly holes and a general lack of growth, especially at the bottom of the hedge. Repeated trimming will keep your hedge neat and enable fresh shoots to fill any unwanted gaps.

A hedge that is permitted to grow without trimming will spread outwards, taking over more of your garden space and producing a large patch of leafless twigs inside that will look awful when you do ultimately choose to cut it back. It could possibly then take several years to get back to its original shape (if it ever does).

You may be thinking about the costs involved with hedge trimming in Bideford, and the truth is that hedge cutting prices in Bideford depend on a number of things including how high the hedges are, the size of the garden concerned, how many hedges need to be cut, the current condition of the hedges and whether you need the hedge waste to be removed.

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Can I Cut My Neighbour's Hedge in Bideford: This is an interesting question regarding hedges in Bideford, and obviously, broadly speaking, it will depend on what sort of relationship you have with your neighbour. In many cases a neighbour might offer to cut back your side of the hedge while they are clipping their own. Certain neighbours may not be so helpful and simply leave you to cut your own side. In general you're within your rights to cut any hedge branches or roots that grow into your property from a public road or a neighbour's garden. However, you're only able to trim them back to the property boundary, if you go further you could be charged for damages.

Tree Surgeons BidefordTree Surgery Bideford: Apart from maintaining their hedges many property owners in Bideford also have trees in their garden that need attention occasionally. Many Bideford firms offer both tree surgery and hedge cutting services so it is better to employ the same people to handle both trees and hedges where that is feasible. Tree surgeons generally have a wider understanding of all of the hedge and tree species, so will understand the best time and ways to maintain them correctly. On the reverse side of that, you could find that certified tree surgeons in Bideford impose higher charges for their services than gardeners or hedge cutting contractors, so you will have to make a choice in regards to what best suits your situation. (Tags: Tree Specialists Bideford, Tree Surgeons Bideford, Tree Surgery Bideford)

Hedge Removal Bideford: When you have to have a hedge removed altogether in Bideford, it is still a good idea to call in the professionals. Besides the fact that you will need all the hedge waste disposed of afterwards, you need your hedge to be removed correctly and completely, including pulling out as much of the root system as you possibly can to avoid the hedge simply growing back in the future. Jobs like this also need to be performed safely, therefore bringing in a professional Bideford hedge removal company ought to make certain that this is what happens. It is important to make sure that the hedge in question does actually belong to you. You will be in trouble if you accidentally remove a neighbour's hedge which you thought was yours. (Tags: Hedge Removal Bideford)

Hedge Types Bideford: There are lots of varieties of shrub and tree which are frequently used to form hedges, and quite often hedges are comprised of multiple species in which case they are known as "mixed hedges". If you include hedgerows in the equation then the list of varieties grows exponentially. Hedges can be evergreen, deciduous or coniferous and each grouping has a number of species which are frequently used for hedges. For hedges in gardens the most popular species are western red cedar, beech, yew, privet, leylandii, box, hornbeam and cherry laurel. When considering hedgerows you can add field maple, hazel, oak, crab apple, hawthorn, dog rose, rowan and many more. (Tags: Hedge Varieties Bideford, Hedge Types Bideford)

Hedge Planting Bideford DevonHedge Planting Bideford: Even while quite a few people in Bideford are put off planting garden hedges because of the work load which is required to maintain them, there is little doubt that a hedge is way more appealing and and longer lasting than a wood fence for example. The alternate choice of putting up a brickwork boundary wall will prove to be a really expensive enterprise, and whilst long lasting, could turn out to be too expensive for most regular Bideford householders. I do believe you would pretty much all agree that a hedge establishes a boundary that's equally practical and appealing, and provides a much needed home for wildlife in your garden, encouraging mammals and birds. The perfect time for putting in a new hedge is during Autumn time, when generally the ground is effortless to dig up, not too wet, and is still warm due to the long summertime days that went before. Your local Bideford hedge planting expert will happily inform you what to plant and when to plant it, but as a broad guideline, Autumn time is perfect for planting out box hedges, hornbeam hedges, privet hedges and yew hedges. Naturally the kind you opt to plant will be dependent on the kind of hedge you've got your mind set on and what function its going to serve. You may want a natural hedgerow, instant hedging, low hedging or screening hedging. Ask a hedge planting professional in Bideford to help you.

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