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Burnley Hedge Cutting Contractors (BB11): If you have hedges in your garden in Burnley it's vital that you keep them properly trimmed and maintained. If you've got enough time and the necessary tools to do it, it is quite possible to cut your own hedges and keep them looking neat and tidy. However, lots of property owners in Burnley just don't have enough time to spare for this type of maintenance or else aren't capable of, or fit enough to do such chores. It's in these cases when it may be better to contact the professionals.

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Establishing a nice hedge in your garden can be expensive, and to keep it looking great it has to be maintained properly. Therefore when the time comes to pick a local Burnley hedge cutting specialist it's important to find somebody who is capable of doing the work correctly. They need to be cutting back the hedge at the right time in the year and cutting it in a way that causes it no harm and stimulates new growth.

Its possible you may want your hedges trimmed into intricate designs like curves or archways and if so, it is even more important that you hire a knowledgeable contractor to do the work. Virtually all run of the mill gardeners in Burnley will offer to cut your hedge, and it should be said that most of the time this is not a problem assuming you have a gardener who you can trust and is competent at this sort of task.

Done properly, the regular trimming of a hedge makes it healthy and strong, it both promotes new growth and strengthens the root system making the hedge denser and better able to withstand diseases and attacks by pests. A healthy, strong hedge looks more attractive and serves its proper role in your garden ie give you an enhanced level of privacy, provide much needed shelter from windy weather and form a boundary between yours and your neighbours garden.

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Hedges which haven't been properly maintained and cut are likely to become straggly and top heavy with ugly gaps and a lack of foliage and leaves, especially at the bottom of the hedge. Regular trimming will keep your hedge neat and enable fresh new shoots to fill any unwelcome gaps.

A hedge that is permitted to grow without trimming will also spread outwards, using up more of your garden space and creating a substantial area of leafless branches internally that are going to look terrible when you do ultimately cut it back. It might take several years to get back to its desired shape (if it ever does).

You could be curious about the cost of hedge trimming in Burnley, and the truth of the matter is that hedge cutting prices in Burnley are dependent on several things including the number of hedges that need to be trimmed, the size of the property, how high the hedges are, what condition the hedges are in and whether the hedge waste needs to be removed.

When Should You Cut Back Hedges in Burnley: This is often asked by householders in Burnley and depends on the type and age of the hedge. A new hedge ought to be trimmed in the winter or spring for the first couple of years. Once well established hedges should be cut back 2 or 3 times each year if you would like to retain a good shape and density (formal hedges). Maintenance hedge trimming is mostly done between spring and summer (May to September). Different hedge varieties will need different treatments so if in doubt check on a specialist website before you cut back your hedge. (Tags: Hedge Cutting Burnley, Hedge Trimming Burnley, Hedge Pruning Burnley).

Privet Hedges Burnley: One of the most widely used varieties of hedge is privet (genus Ligustrum), which is a flowering evergreen shrub that grows into dense, medium sized bushes. Privet is a good plant for hedges because it grows relatively slowly, stays green all year round and forms a compact, dense bush. Fully established privet hedges need to be pruned two or three times per year throughout the growing season to maintain a nice shape and keep a decent density of foliage. You may even try some topiary (trimming into intricate shapes) with privet though box and yew are better candidates for this particular process. (Tags: Privet Hedges Burnley, Privet Burnley, Pruning Privet Hedges Burnley

Hedge Removal Burnley: If you want to have a hedge removed altogether it's still advisable to fetch in the professionals. Apart from the fact that you'll have to dispose of all the hedge waste afterwards, you need your hedge to be taken out correctly and entirely, that includes taking out as many of the roots as you can to stop the hedge growing back again. Tasks like this also need to be done safely, therefore bringing in a genuine Burnley hedge removal company should make certain that this is what happens. It is important to make sure that the hedge to be removed does actually belong to you. You could find yourself in deep water if you accidentally pull out a neighbour's hedge which you thought was yours.

Hedge Cutting Tools Burnley: If you elect to cut your own hedges you should ensure you have all the right tools for the job. Trying to use old blunt tools isn't wise and will damage you hedge with messy, untidy cuts. Specialist hedge cutting contractors in Burnley will have all the right tools already, so if you do choose to call in expert help you'll not need to stress about tools, although it is always helpful to have some to hand. The basic garden tools which you will need to do hedge cutting by yourself are: a sturdy ladder, an electric or petrol hedge trimmer, gloves, hedge shears, long reach lopping shears and pruning secateurs. With such a selection of tools you should be able to do your own hedge cutting.

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