About Us

Hello, I'm Terry Brown and its awesome to welcome you to my website. Surprisingly I am really a scaffolder by trade though I started building and developing websites about 10 years ago. Quite an extreme transformation you might suppose but I fell into it very easily and now it simply is "what I do". Whilst sometimes I develop websites just for fun, I do however additionally try to generate a little bit of income from it (to buy hosting, domain names for example). To be frank I find it an exilerating challenge, brainstorming concepts and putting them into practise.

It's continually been my target to create easy to use, basic sites which are hassle free and load quickly. I hope I've accomplished that here and that you've enjoyed your visit, or maybe at least not have been disappointed by it.

I am not actually a hedge cutting contractor myself therefore I would prefer that you don't contact me with any inquiries in connection with cutting hedges or to obtain estimates for hedge trimming work, this site was made to lead you through the different ways by which you might obtain a decent hedge specialist yourself.

I don't recommend or endorse any particular service, I've simply provided a few ways for identifying one, the choice is ultimately yours alone.

Thank you once more for checking it out and I hope to see you here again sometime soon. Terry Brown (Hedgewise)